Toowong Cemetery Open House: Learn the Mystical Stories of Brisbane’s Largest Burial Site

Photo Credit: Vic Bushing/Google Maps

If you’re curious about the mystical stories of the Toowong Cemetery then here’s your chance to hear about it from those who know it best. On Saturday, the 12th of Oct 2019, the Council is sponsoring an open house and a bus tour of Brisbane’s largest burial site.

Cemetery staff will be sharing what they know of the Toowong Cemetery’s rich and fascinating history, from tales told and passed down to them for generations. Happening from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., this event should be an unforgettable weekend of fun, what with Halloween celebrations coming up soon!

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Since this massive burial ground on Frederick Street opened in the mid-1800s, there have been hundreds of stories about the Toowong Cemetery. Some are true and some don’t make a lot of sense, whilst the rest have become urban legends that should be interesting to hear directly from the workers. 

Photo Credit: Vic Bushing/Google Maps

The tour will also highlight the burial grounds of notable personalities in Queensland, which includes politicians, sportsmen, war heroes, and even notorious murderers. 

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The open house is free for all but you’ll need to register for tickets ahead of the event.  

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The guided tour is part of Brisbane City Council’s intiative to showcase significant sites that celebrate the architecture, engineering and history of the city. Follow this link to find other walking tours during the open house, which has been carried out since 2010.