New Development Plans for Former ABC Site on Coronation Drive in Toowong

Coronation Drive
Photo Credit: Artist's Rendering/Developmenti/BCC

Revised plans for the former ABC site on Coronation Drive in Toowong now involve three residential towers, reuse of a heritage-listed house as a public site, and provisions to make way for the Green Bridge landing site.

DA A005881543, filed in mid-November 2021, comprises three residential towers with a maximum of 15 storeys each, with a combined total of 134 multiple dwellings. 

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Three residential towers Coronation Drive in Toowong view from the river
Photo Credit: Artist’s Rendering/Developmenti/BCC

The new towers on Coronation Drive in Toowong will have communal rooftops that offer amenities like a riverside pool and spa, a dry and wet lounge, and a BBQ with outdoor dining areas. The buildings will also have shared workspaces, a gym, and their own mailrooms. 

Consolidated Properties bought the Coronation Drive site and hired John Wardle Architects for this new proposal.

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The proposal essentially replaces the previous application of a 25-storey building from Sunland, dubbed the Champagne Flute, which would have been the first Brisbane project of internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid.  

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Aerial view
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Since a section of the development will become part of the planned Toowong to West End Green Bridge, the proposal has provisions for adjustments for the bridge’s landing site.

The plan also includes the refurbishment and re-use of the heritage-listed Middenbury House as a public site and mixed-use space with access to the Brisbane River. Consolidated Properties also want to line Coronation Drive with Fig Trees to improve the area.

Lower Plaza Coronation Drive in Toowong
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Upper Plaza Coronation Drive in Toowong
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Per the developers, some of the landscaped apartments fronting a new public site will have a 40-metre open accessible open space near the Brisbane River. On the other hand, an extension of the Bicentennial Bikeway will also be in place to connect to Archer Street. 

“The proposed development has been architecturally designed to merge seamlessly within the surrounding built form, through the use of a variation of materials and breaks in the façade. The site primarily faces Coronation Drive, which features street tree plantings along its entire frontage as well as two large heritage-listed fig trees near the western boundary.”

“The state heritage listed Middenbury House can be seen from the Archer Street frontage. This development will enhance the view of Middenbury House by incorporating open space between the building and the street frontage. Deep planting along Archer Street will improve the streetscape by softening the view between Middenbury House and the existing streetscape.”

This development does not require public notification and is currently undergoing assessment by Council.