Terrific Five: Local Dancers From Toowong Shine at Regional and State Levels


Five talented dancers from Sharee Skye Dance Centre in Toowong have recently achieved outstanding results in various regional and state competitions and exams. These young dancers have demonstrated exceptional skill, passion, and dedication to their craft, making their studio and community proud.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Sharee Sky Dance Centre

Young Hip Hop Prodigy

Eliza Carson, age 9, secured a spot among the top 10 highest-scoring novice soloists at a regional dance competition, earning her eligibility for national eisteddfods. Eliza’s love for hip-hop and contemporary dance began at Sharee Skye when she was just four years old.

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Tap Enthusiast

Mila Collier, age 12, was recognised as the most outstanding on-stage performer by Sharee Skye Dance Centre. Mila’s enthusiasm for tap dancing is evident in her participation in two of the school’s eisteddfod teams. For Mila, the studio is a welcoming and secure environment where she can express herself through dance.

Dance Phenom

Gabi Parikh, age 15, attained the highest grade statewide in her level four TPA musical theatre exam. Since joining Sharee Skye in 2017, Gabi has shown remarkable potential across multiple genres. She considers dance her “second home” and cherishes the opportunity to continuously improve.

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Sharee Sky Dance Centre
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Sharee Sky Dance Centre

Contemporary Dancer

Erin Savage, also age 15, is currently pursuing a Certificate III in Dance at RAW Dance. Erin’s time at Sharee Skye fostered significant growth and a passion for contemporary dance. She views dance as a powerful form of self-expression and storytelling.

Multi-Talented Performer

Isabelle Qiu, age 9, received the Adjudicator’s Choice Award at the Dance 4350 Eisteddfod. Isabelle’s journey with Sharee Skye began at age four, and she has since blossomed into a multi-talented performer, dancer, and student. While excelling in various genres, she holds a special fondness for musical theatre and jazz.

The achievements of these five dancers not only highlight their individual talents but also reflect the quality of training and supportive environment provided by Sharee Skye Dance Centre. Their successes serve as an inspiration to aspiring dancers in Toowong and beyond.

Published Date 28-May-2024