Toowong Village Stepping Up to Help Domestic Violence Victims

DV safe phones

An initiative by Toowong Village to support victims of domestic violence is a powerful example of residents coming together to make a real difference.

The shopping centre is now collecting old mobile phones to donate to DV Safe Phone, a programme that gifts refurbished phones to those experiencing domestic violence. 

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These phones become a vital lifeline, enabling victims to discreetly call for help in dangerous situations.

The Toowong community has already rallied behind the cause, donating over 30 phones. Every phone collected brings victims one step closer to having a safe and secure way to reach emergency services.

Donating is simple. Residents can drop off their old phones at the Centre Management office on Level 1. A quick reminder: ensure you’ve signed out of all accounts like iCloud and iTunes and erased all personal data before donating.

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The programme accepts phones in various conditions, so even if your phone has a cracked screen or minor faults, it can still be refurbished and put to good use.

By donating an unused phone, Toowong Village residents can play a crucial role in ensuring victims of domestic violence have access to help whenever they need it most.

Published Date 06-May-2024