Planned Unit Tower Development Near Toowong Village Divides Residents

Toowong Village
Photo credit: Developmenti/BCC

Toowong residents are divided over a proposed unit tower development near Toowong Village on Lissner Street following the completion of the public submissions process to support or object to the construction of the 14-storey building.

Some residents oppose the project because the property is under a Medium Density Zone Code, where the maximum building height should be eight storeys. They’ve also argued that the building is actually 15-storeys high because it includes a communal, open space rooftop structure.

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“The site and all adjoining properties are subject to a maximum 8 storey building height in accordance with the Toowong—Auchenflower neighbourhood plan code. The proposal includes a building height of 14 to 15 storeys which is out of context with the community expectations for the area,” one resident wrote in the submissions for DA A005790548.

However, a section of the development is near the District Centre Zone, which allows for 20 storeys. Those who support the plan said that the height and density are justified even as the height transition will affect the neighbours on the north side since the shadow of the tower will block their views.

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Some also question the density of the project as it will include both residential and commercial tenants, which will raise traffic and parking availability on Lissner and Augustus streets. 

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“The Toowong Village loading dock is accessed via Lissner Street. This is a busy loading dock and large truck traffic will only increase with the opening of the Woolworths store planned for later this year.” 

Photo credit: Developmenti/BCC

Mosaic Property Group filed the development application for the residential and commercial tower with at least 100 units in July 2021 following three pre-lodgement meetings with Council. The developer said the project was inspired by the nearby iconic Regatta Hotel with an architecturally impressive podium design. 

“The podium design is constructed of breeze blocks with cascading planters,” one supporter said.  “The project architects have clearly considered the local character of the area such as the Queenslander homes and iconic Regatta building to inform the podium and overall architectural design which contributes to a sense of place and community pride.” 

During the said meetings, Mosaic’s planner said that Council gave merits to the proposal. 

“Council agreed that the arguments put forward by the applicant in providing an increased building height that provides a ‘transition’ between the higher and lower building height requirements in the area has merit from an urban design viewpoint,” the DA stated.

As of press time, the development is awaiting Council’s decision.