Better Education Rankings: QASMT in Toowong Tops Queensland’s Best Schools for Years 7-10

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The Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) in Toowong has once again secured its position as one of the premier secondary schools in the state. 

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According to the latest rankings released by independent specialist schools website Better Education, QASMT leads a compilation of public and private schools in Queensland for students in Years 7-10.

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The rankings, which consider Year 9 English and Maths test results from 2023, provide a comprehensive overview of academic performance across the state. With a scoring system ranging from 60 to 100, the results highlight the exceptional standards achieved by Queensland’s leading schools.

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QASMT boasts an impressive state overall score of 100 and continues to set the benchmark for academic excellence. The school has a total enrollment of 1,320 students and consistently ranks first in Queensland for the number of students achieving an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 99 or above.

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Understanding the Rankings: How Schools Are Evaluated

Better Education’s rankings are derived from various academic performance indicators, ensuring a thorough assessment of each institution’s capabilities. The criteria include:

  • Median VCE Study Score and High VCE Scores: Evaluating the median study score and the percentage of scores above 40.
  • Distinguished Achievers in HSC Exams: The percentage of exams that achieve a Distinguished Achievers (DA) designation.
  • Median ATAR Score and Lower ATAR Thresholds: Including the median ATAR score and the percentage of students with an ATAR of 65 or lower.
  • QCE and OP/IBD Performance: Median ATAR scores and the percentage of students achieving high ATAR scores (99+, 95+, 90+, 80+), as well as the percentage of students receiving top OP scores.
  • WACE Median ATAR: The median ATAR score for Western Australian Certificate of Education.
  • SACE Performance: ATAR performance for South Australian Certificate of Education students.
  • Top Percentile Performance: Percentage of students ranking in the top 1%, 5%, 10%, and 20% by ATAR.

These metrics allow for a nuanced understanding of school performance across different states and education systems, ensuring parents and students have access to reliable information when choosing the best educational pathways.


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QASMT was established in January 2007 in collaboration with the University of Queensland, focusing on fostering talent in the fields of science and mathematics. The academy occupies the site of the former Toowong College, repurposing the space into a hub for advanced education.

As Queensland’s top school, QASMT’s sustained excellence reflects its commitment to high academic standards and specialised focus areas. The latest rankings underscore the school’s leadership in preparing students for tertiary education and beyond, setting a high bar for other institutions to follow.

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For parents, students, and educators, the Better Education rankings offer invaluable insights into the academic strengths of Queensland’s schools. With comprehensive data driving these assessments, families can make informed decisions about their educational futures, guided by a clear understanding of school performance across the state.

Published 3-June-2024