WholeLife Pharmacy in Toowong Making a Healthy Difference with Organic Superfoods

Today, many people either suffer from chronic diseases or are about to suffer from chronic diseases. What’s commonly seen among these people is that they are not optimising their life by looking after themselves and preventing their health from going downhill. 

In Australia, for instance, coeliac disease affects more than 3 million people. These individuals suffer from instances of bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches, low energy, skin problems and depression. A high percentage of these people are not managing their diet well.  

Most people are also guilty of not giving ample time to address their personal health issues. Most of the time, people are so time-poor that when they go to see the GP, they tend to look for a quick fix, rather than considering options that would make them feel better, not only for today but for a longer period of time. 

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Research suggests that only a small percentage of ailments get discussed with a GP due to lack of time. Patients also go online to look for solutions. Internet research can sometimes provide insights and knowledge to help solve health issues, but there is so much misinformation online that this process is fraught with errors.

Eating Right for Holistic Health

A huge part of holistic health is eating right. That is why at WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods, we make sure that you take in only what’s beneficial to your health.  

Local Resources

Our pharmacy located at Jephson Street and Sherwood Road in Toowong provides traditional pharmaceutical items and prescriptions. But on top of this, the pharmacy is also filled with organic health foods, vitamins and organic skincare products. At our Healthfoods section, for example, you can scoop your own bunch of organic foods supplied by Naked Foods.

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We take a holistic approach to our customers’ health through our large range of products. Take for example the three types of fibre – soluble, insoluble and resistant starch. At the pharmacy, we inform our customers about the differences between these three types of fibre and how they may benefit from a particular type according to their health needs, whether that be lowering cholesterol, regulating gut health or rebalancing the gut microflora.

WholeLife’s Bare Naked Bowls café, also located at the store, lets customers choose from a wide selection of superfoods. 

Every ingredient in the cafe’s food offerings has been selected for its health benefits, in keeping with WholeLife’s axiom that health starts from the inside. Wholefoods’ range of products helps prevent and fight many chronic conditions. 

Other Wholefood products that customers usually find beneficial for specific problems include:

·         Bone broth concentrate to help heal and seal the gut

·         Collagen to help with joint repair and conditioning

·         Slippery elm to soothe the digestive tract

·         Nutritional yeast to help with vitamin B deficiency

·         Organic oats to help reduce cholesterol

Gluten-free options are also in big demand as more and more people experience gluten intolerance. WholeLife has an extensive range of gluten-free products which includes Bob’s Red Mill, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free bake mixes, gluten-free cereals and gluten-free bread.

Taking a Holistic Perspective

When it comes to preventing and battling chronic diseases, a holistic approach is the best way to go. Holistic health has become a byword nowadays, but not many people truly understand what it is. 

The holistic approach takes the focus away from just the symptoms. With this perspective, we are concerned with the whole being of the person and not just a specific disease or a particular part of the body. In holistic health, we consider the body, mind and spirit as well as the way we interact with our physical and social environment so as to achieve maximum wellbeing. 

We are what eat — that is literally true. Sound nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy living. To optimum health, it is important to be mindful of what you eat. Regular exercise and good sleep are also essential parts of the holistic approach to healthy living. Of course, vices such as heavy drinking, smoking and drugs should be avoided completely. 

Being knowledgeable about holistic health helps us focus on how we interact with our environment and control how we live our lives so that we can have that optimum state of mind, body, and spirit to manage stress and have the energy to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life. 

Stephenie Shea is a pharmacist at WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods, located in the heart of Toowong, less than a minute’s walk from Toowong Village Shopping Centre. 

A lifelong advocate of holistic health, Steph practices what she preaches and together with the rest of the WholeLife team, she offers free advice on how holistic health can help with a wide range of health issues and improve quality of life.