Toowong to West End Green Bridge Design Phase to Start Soon

Toowong to West End
Aerial view of the concept design (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

After being paused to prioritise Brisbane’s flood recovery last year, the proposed Toowong to West End green bridge is set to move into the detailed design phase by the end of 2023.

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The Toowong to West End pedestrian and cycle bridge, which would span the Brisbane River connecting the two suburbs, is one of four green bridges proposed by Brisbane City Council. It could support over 5,000 trips per day by 2041 if built.

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Toowong to West End Green Bridge rest point with seating and viewing opportunities – Artist’s impression only (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

According to updates from Council, planning for the bridge had been paused to focus on the city’s flood recovery efforts. But with developers now moving on the former ABC Toowong site, securing the land for the bridge was identified as a priority.

Proposed riverside park and plaza at the Toowong landing (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

The concept design for the bridge was unveiled in late 2021 and community consultations were undertaken until early 2022. Based on the outcome of the consultations, the concept design received generally positive feedback on the proposed bridge form.

Key features of the proposed bridge

  • a curved single-mast cable stay bridge form with a length of about 280m and mast height of 75m above water level
  • a single water-based pier on the Toowong side of the Brisbane River to minimise impacts on river users
  • dedicated pathways for walkers and riders, with a minimum width of 6m and accessible grades
  • a bridge clearance height of 11.4 metres, with provision for a 70m wide navigation channel
  • a rest point and widened pathway (up to 9m) adjacent to the bridge mast with seating and viewing opportunities
  • shade along the length of the walking path
  • a new riverside green space at the Toowong landing
  • a landing at Orleigh Park that minimises impacts on open space and provides a direct connection to the walking and cycling network.

An estimated one third of funding for the Toowong to West End bridge and other planned green bridges needs to come from state and federal governments. Council has yet to apply for state government funding for the Toowong to West End bridge project.

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The Council is pushing forward with plans for the Toowong to West End bridge, saying detailed design work is essential before approaching the state and federal governments for funding.

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So far, only the plans for the Kangaroo Point green bridge and the Breakfast Creek green bridge are progressing. Like the Toowong to West End bridge, The St Lucia to West End green bridge has also been paused to prioritise flood recovery.

Published 31-August-2023