Toowong Residents Fight to Save Heritage Homes

Residents in Toowong are standing up against an urban renewal plan by the Brisbane City Council as the development will pose negative impact on the heritage homes nearby.

Dozens of Toowong locals are opposing the plan to build a 4-level, 5-unit complex at 2 Holmes St. Toowong resident Berry Freshney led dozens of locals to go up against the construction plan. They said the development plan would dwarf two heritage homes, on each side of the proposed 850 sqm complex.

There are over 150 objections submitted against the development located in a low to medium density residential zone. Locals are objecting that the proposed apartment complex will be built too close to one of the heritage homes.

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toowong-heritage-home-holmesAnother issue the protesters raised is shortage of parking spaces in case the project pushes through.

Mr Freshney pointed out that parking is already difficult and such a large development would make it even harder to find space to park.

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He asserted that the urban renewal plan was not studied meticulously by the city council. He said that the corner of Herbert St and Holmes St is a heritage area and zoned for 2-storey or 3-storey apartments.

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The protesters believe that such a type of development will damage the character of the area.

The objection is second of its kind that the BCC has received. It is similar to the opposition being waged by Indooroopilly locals blocking an apartment development on Goldieslie Rd as it would gobble up a heritage-listed residence.

The city council defended the development plan, saying that the area does not fall under a heritage mapped zone. The council reiterates that the area is suitable for low and medium density development even if the houses at 4 Holmes St and 23 Herbert St were considered heritage homes.