Toowong – Not the Best Place to Pass Your Driving Test

Toowong driving test


Taking your driving test in Toowong? Be sure to prepare well as the suburb ranked among the lowest in pass rates in Queensland in 2016.

According to analysis from the Department of Main Roads and Transport, Toowong, along with Rosalie, registered a pass rate of 53%, the lowest pass rate among the test centres in South East Queensland. The pass rate is below the average pass rate of 61 per cent for the entire state.

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The data reflect the reaction of many who took their test in Toowong and Rosalie. Over on Reddit, people are describing the challenges of the driving test there.


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A Possible Cause?

So what could be the reason behind the low grades for testers in Toowong? Authorities dispels suggestions that driving tests in certain test centres are easier to pass or that some are harsher. They maintain that it all depends on the ability and skills of the driver. They stress that their tests are conducted according to their existing policies.

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Still, many who took the Toowong driving test point to the challenges that could surprise some first-time takers. These challenges include coping with the busy traffic and the possibility of being taken to the hilly area of Rosalie.

While there is no railway crossing around the area, the driver will face several stop lights and a lot of busy intersections during the test. The driver will have to navigate through varying speed zones. There is a good chance of driving through the Western Freeway to Moggill Road.

There is no set route for driving tests in Queensland, but with driving tests in Toowong, you can expect to go through the Toowong roundabout, which even some experienced drivers have difficulty navigating.

Despite the relatively low grade for Toowong driving tests, Queensland is still seen as an excellent place to go for passing the test.

Among the driving test centres that took a high mark are at Barcaldine, Blackall and Winton, all of which registered a 100 per cent pass rate from January 2016 to December 2016.

The Toowong Test Centre is located at 15 Lissner Street.

Toowong Driving Test Center
Toowong Customer Service Center on Lissner St. (credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland))