Toowong Development Dreams Turning into a Nightmare?

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The suburb of Toowong has been hounded by development plans, and to make matters worse, these plans are hitting the suburb’s heritage areas.

The champagne flute towers on Grace on Coronation Drive have been approved; the Endrim House on Woodstock Road is in danger to be turned into a childcare centre; and recent unconfirmed reports have raised apprehensions have sparked an online petition about the possibility of Goldicott House being turned into an aged-care facility.

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Goldicott House
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With all of these developments happening in the area, leaders of the community are actively campaigning against further “development.” According to them, these developments are compromising the suburb’s character. Such developments are apt for high-density living, while to them, Toowong clearly is not.

Elizabeth Handley, the president of Brisbane Residents United said that they weren’t consulted about these developments at all.

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Elizabeth Handley
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The Walter Taylor Ward councillor said that the suburb is an ideal place for growth, and residents will see significant amounts of it in the coming years. The suburb’s easy access to shopping centers, medical facilities, and high-frequency public transport makes it attractive to development investors and would-be residents.

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Endrim House
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It seems that Toowong is ripe for more developments, but residents think otherwise. The clamor comes from residents who are lobbying to maintain the heritage character of the suburb in the midst of further urbanisation.

City Planning chairman Julian Simmonds, on the other hand, has yet to give a comment on the residents’ take on these potential and current developments.