The Case Of The Shrinking Carparks

Parking spaces in Queensland shopping centres are shrinking as carpark operators violate national standards for car spaces.

The joint Australian and New Zealand standard recommends 2.6 meter wide bays as the minimum size for carpark bays in high-turnover shopping centres. In Brisbane, the Brisbane City Council mandates a standard of 2.7 meters, which is open to negotiation.

The Mercury reports that The Sunday Mail conducted an investigation onĀ five metropolitan shopping centres and two malls, and found that some parking spaces in Toowong Village and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre were only 2.41 meters wide, making it difficult for drivers to maneuver their vehicles. In Sunnybank Plaza and Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown, parking spaces also failed to reach the 2.6 meter national standard.

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And it’s not just in shopping centres that this is happening, as other establishments are in violation too.

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