Steps Taken to Acquire Toowong Green Bridge Landing Site

Despite a pause in the construction of the West End-Toowong Green Bridge project, steps have now been undertaken to acquire a portion of the property owned by the Consolidate Properties Group along Coronation Drive in Toowong as it will become the bridge’s landing site.

The developer has plans to build a residential complex near the West End-Toowong Green Bridge project. However, roughly 2,365 square metres of the 1.2-hectare apartment development will need to be resumed to the government for the green bridge. 

The Toowong landing site will be built on the southeast corner of the property near the Middenbury House. The plans indicate that the area will include a small riverside park with seating and landscaping. The landing site is also going to connect to Archer Street via walking and riding routes, allowing bikers to ride toward the Bicentennial Bikeway from Coronation Drive. 

“We have paused our two green bridges connecting to West End while we concentrate on Brisbane’s rebuild and recovery following the devastating floods,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said in a statement

“However, we remain committed to building these two bridges which are strongly supported by local residents.

“Buying the Toowong location now so it is available when we are ready to proceed just makes sense.

“While this is just a small section of the site, the riverside property isn’t going to get cheaper in the long term so making this purchase now is in the best interests of ratepayers.”

Toowong Green Bridge
Photo Credit: BCC

Council’s move to acquire the land has downplayed fears that the pause on the West End-Toowong Green Bridge project would be permanent. However, Schrinner also said that Council is working to secure funding for the project. 

The preliminary business case for the West End-Toowong Green Bridge project cites that mobility will be much improved in this part of the city once it’s completed.

Meanwhile, a West End-St Lucia green bridge construction has also been paused as funding needs to be secured.