Stuartholme School To Represent Australia In First Rugby Heritage Cup In France

Did you know that Stuartholme School in Toowong has been selected as the only girls’ school in Australia to compete in the inaugural Rugby Heritage Cup 2023 to be held in France in September?

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The announcement was met with excitement and anticipation as the 12 students from Years 8 and 9 prepare to compete against 24 international teams in Pontlevoy, France, in the week leading up to the Rugby World Cup.

Dan Crump, Principal at Stuartholme School, expressed pride in the school’s Rugby Sevens program, which was introduced only in 2020. He mentioned that the girls who have a passion for rugby and are prepared to compete will be given the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

Rugby Heritage Cup
Photo credit: Stuartholme School (official)/Facebook

“This is certainly an unprecedented sporting event,” said Mr Crump.

“Over the coming weeks we will be selecting our team based on their exceptional athletic ability and ready them for this epic tournament on the world stage.”

The school’s French heritage, coupled with the tournament’s celebration of the 200th anniversary of Rugby, makes this a momentous occasion for the school. The Society of the Sacred Heart, an international congregation of Catholic religious women established by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat in France in 1800, operates Stuartholme School.

About the Rugby Heritage Cup

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The 2023 Rugby Heritage Cup, which will take place in Pontlevoy, France one week before the 2023 Rugby World Cup kick-off, is the first-ever world tournament for school rugby world for boys and girls.

To qualify for the tournament, the 12 players must be under 15 years of age and born between 8 September 2008 and 7 September 2010. They will be accompanied by three team officials on their trip.

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The Stuartholme students will travel with Iona College, the Australian representative schoolboys’ team.

Published 20-April-2023

Locals Raise Concerns About Proposed Freers Redevelopment of Stuartholme School

Alleged ‘flaws’ found in updated flood and lighting reports, part of the proposed Freers site redevelopment of Stuartholme School, has a number of locals worried.

Stuartholmes School has a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) application seeking approval for the establishment of new buildings and works on its Main Campus including a dedicated Junior School Precinct and Freers Site redevelopment as part of its Masterplan 2020.

The Freers redevelopment plans involve the repurposing of the existing warehouse for use as an internal sports training facility and storage, including the construction of training fields, netball courts, and cricket nets with associated floodlighting.

Proposed sports precinct aerial view
Proposed sports precinct aerial view | Photo credit: Queensland Government (Planning) /

“The extent of training and usage on the Freers Site will vary according to which sport is being played and the time of year. The fields and courts may be used on an ad-hoc basis to assist with ‘overflow’ needs for organised inter-school sporting fixtures occurring elsewhere, typically on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. The refurbished Freers building is intended to provide for uses and activities complementary to the sporting facilities over the wider Freers site,” The Stuartholme School’s future plans state.

Proposed sports precinct aerial view Proposed Redevelopment of Freers Site
Proposed sports precinct aerial view | Photo credit: Queensland Government (Planning) /

The redevelopment plans also include the construction of a pedestrian bridge on Ithaca Creek whilst fencing would be provided through the installation of bollards with netting, allowing the free flow of flood water. The proposed design for the hockey field, meanwhile, has been revised and lowered by about half a metre to lessen its impact on flooding.

Perspective view Proposed Redevelopment of Freers Site
Perspective view | Photo credit: Queensland Government (Planning) /

The proposed operating hours of the site are from 6 am to 10 pm with floodlights to be switched on only when the fields are in use. 

Perspective view Proposed Redevelopment of Freers Site
Perspective view | Photo credit: Queensland Government (Planning) /

In November 2022, Freers Farm Action Group leader Steph Walker noted in her social media post “two worrying flaws” about the final flood and environment impact reports, specifically:

  • The flood report continues to be based on flood modelling data which is demonstrably incorrect based on local knowledge and records; and
  • The environmental impact report found that the site, or immediately adjacent land contains 4 threatened species which are listed at Commonwealth/ and or State level as vulnerable. This finding means a proper impact asssesement process is supposed to be followed, but the school seems to be relying on an earlier report which found the site had “low ecological value” and no or little evidence of threatened species.

She added that residents have taken steps, at their own cost, to obtain independent flooding and environmental impacts reports.

The Group, thus, is calling on Deputy Premier ( Dr Steven Miles MP), the MID assessment team, Mr Michael Berkman (MP for Maiwar) and the Principal of Stuartholme School to allow the locals a reasonable time of about four to six months to obtain these reports before a decision is made.

Published 5-March-2023

Stuartholme School Toowong To Start Years 5 and 6 Intake, Plans New Precinct

Stuartholme School, a leading private school in Toowong, has begun its Years 5 and 6 intake and is planning a new precinct for its Junior School students.

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Starting 2024, the school will welcome students in Year 5 as the first intake in its new Junior School. By 2025, it will also start accepting Year 6 students.

“The addition of Years 5 and 6 will bring a wonderful new community to Stuartholme. In a safe, caring, and warm environment, these students will have an opportunity to understand who they are, how they belong and learn, alongside their own leadership capabilities,” said Acting Principal, Danny Crump.

Stuartholme School toowong
Photo credit: Stuartholme School (official)/Facebook

“As a leader in girls’ education, we know that the early years of education provide the foundation for successful and lifelong learning. With the introduction of Years 5 & 6, our students will have a seamless progression from the Junior School into the Secondary School.”

To accommodate the additional students, the school has also announced plans for a new dedicated Junior School precinct, on the Main Campus, which will include classrooms, toilets, and an outdoor play and recreation area.

Stuartholme School
Photo credit: Stuartholme School (official)/Facebook

Mr Crump said the new precinct will maximise students’ learning outcomes. The construction of the new precinct is scheduled to start in 2023.

“At the same time, students will have access to Stuartholme School’s already expansive range of facilities including swimming pool, netball and tennis courts, Library, Technologies Precinct, Art studios and design technology rooms,” Mr Crump added.

Established in 1920, it’s going to be the first time that the Catholic school for girls will add Years 5 and 6 to its year level. At the moment, the school caters to Years 7 to 12.

To learn more, visit Stuartholme School’s website

Have Your Say! Stuartholme School Plans to Redevelop in Toowong and Bardon

Public consultation is currently ongoing on a proposal lodged by Stuartholme School, seeking to improve its learning and sporting facilities and establish new facilities at its Main Campus on Birdwood Terrace, Toowong, and at their Freers Site on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Bardon.   

Stuartholme School currently has 680 students and is expected to grow to 800 students over the next decade.

To accommodate the growing student population, the school has recently applied to the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP) for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) endorsement. 

Through the MID, the Catholic secondary day and boarding school for girls is seeking approval for a new building and refurbishment work to existing facilities and adjacent areas as identified in its Stuartholme Masterplan 2020.

Main Campus site master plan
Main Campus site master plan | Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /
Perspective view 1
Perspective view 1  Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /
Perspective view  2
Perspective view  2 | Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /
 Perspective view 3
Perspective view 3 |   Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /

Improvements being sought for the Main Campus include the establishment of:

  • A four-storey Multi-purpose Sports and Innovation Centre which will house seven learning spaces, a library, staff room, two multipurpose indoor courts, kitchenette, design lounge, innovation forum, makers spaces, cafeteria and breakout spaces, among other functions and activities.
  • Up to five-level building containing the indoor sports facilities and support functions, general learning areas, staff support facilities and storage and amenities.
  • Conversion of the hardcourt into a car parking area that will allow an additional 22 cars.

Freers Site proposed plan
Freers Site proposed plan | Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /
Freers Site aerial view
Freers Site aerial view | Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /

The school also proposed the redevelopment of the Freers Site which currently houses the gymnasium and the overflow storage items from the main campus. The site also contains the storage and maintenance workshop for the Stuartholme rowing boats and other schools.

Specifically, the redevelopment proposal involves the establishment of internal training facilities including new sporting fields for hockey, and touch football as well as new netball courts and cricket nets, among other site improvements. 

Target completion for the Freers Site redevelopment is by 2023. 

To make a submission and for further information on the MID, visit the DSDILGP site here. The consultation ends on 9 May 2022.

First ATAR Results: Nearly Half of the Students at 2 Toowong Schools Achieved Above 90

Over 25,000 Year 12 students in Queensland received the very first Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) this December. Amidst a challenging year, the Class of 2020 at two Toowong schools will leave with impressive ATAR results.

Nearly half the students at Stuartholme School in Birdwood Terrace and Brisbane Boys’ College in Kensington Terrace had 90 and above ATAR results.

Stuartholme School Principal Kristen Sharpe has released a statement to congratulate the graduating students. Some 44.30 percent of the girls earned a score above 90, whilst 19 percent had 95 of higher ATAR results. 

Ms Sharpe also proudly stated that five of their girls will get “an Academic Commendation from QCAA for achieving straight A results in six General Subjects.”

Photo Credit: Stuartholme School/Facebook

Brisbane Boys’ College, on the other hand, had 44.20 percent of their graduating students with above 90 ATAR results, whilst 9.3 percent scored 99 and above. 

“Special acknowledgement goes to Matthew Chen, Cody Fang and Max Foreman who received the highest possible ATAR of 99.95, being three of only 30 Year 12 students across the state to do so,” the school officials said in a statement

“The Class of 2020 has made history by being the first cohort to graduate through the Senior Assessment Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system. They were the first full cohort of Prep, the first Year 7s into High School and the first group to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) rather than OP in Queensland.”

Photo Credit: Brisbane Boys’ College/Facebook

Other westside schools performing impressively include the St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School in Corinda, where 69 percent of students had above 90 ATAR results, and Marist College in Ashgrove with 27 percent scoring above 90.

“Schools across Queensland introduced the new syllabuses and assessment model with Year 11 students in 2019, and the success of the transition is a credit to the hard work and professionalism of principals and teachers,” Education Minister Grace Grace said

“And now, despite the disruptions to their schooling caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the great news is 89 percent of these young people achieved a QCE.”

Photo Credit: Stuartholme School/Facebook

Ms Grace also advised students whose results are far from their expectations to not be disheartened as they can explore more options to enter the university. 

For questions about the ATAR students or parents may phone QTAC on 1300 193 173.

Toowong’s Stuartholme School Hailed as CaSSSA Cross Country Champions 2018

After competing against five other Catholic girls’ schools from across Brisbane, Toowong’s Stuartholme School took home the CaSSSA Cross Country championship for the second year.

Photo credit: Supplied

Stuartholme School’s Cross Country Team won big in the recently concluded CaSSSA Cross Country championships. The team’s hard work in training with cross country coach Chris Gale paid off as they won win first place in the 17 years, 16 years, 15 years, 14 years, and 13 years age categories and fifth place in the 12 years category.

Photo credit: Supplied

Mr Gale couldn’t be more proud as the team wins second place at the Percentage Cup and first place at the Aggregate Cup making them CaSSSA Cross Country 2018 Champions.

In their annual Cross-Country Launch on Sunday, 25 February 2018, the school was visited by former Olympic marathon runner Steve Moneghetti who also spent time with members of the Stuartholme cross country team during their training session.

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Photo credit: Supplied

Following Stuartholme cross country team’s winnings, Holly Robertson was named as Stuartholme Cross Country Runner of the Year during the Stuartholme Cross Country Presentations.

Photo credit: Supplied

Other awards recipients include Ema Stebbins, Harriet Williams, and Grace White who received five-year cross country merit awards.

Truly, the Stuartholme School cross country team has made their coach, school, and most importantly, their parents proud.

Stuartholme School in Toowong Included in Tuition Fee Increase Next Year Following the Gonski 2.0 Model

Queensland Catholic Schools will be facing an increase in tuition fees of almost 10% due to the new funding changes by the Federal Government to schools. One of the affected schools is Stuartholme School in Toowong.

However, it is not only this particular Catholic school in Toowong that will be affected. There are approximately 30 Catholic Schools that will be hit by this development because they are considered as “over-funded” under the Government’s new Gonski 2.0 model.

With this model, an extra $24 billion will flow into schools all over Australia over the next ten years, affecting Catholic schools. They were given a 12-month reprieve along with other independent schools before the removal of system-based funding arrangements. Under the new model, Catholic schools funded above the Schooling Resource Standard will have reduction of funding for the next six years.

Parents find this difficult. They are already dreading the upcoming tuition fee increase. Other schools affected here in Brisbane are Marist College in Ashgrove and St Rita’s College in Clayfield.