St Ignatius School Unveils Two New Murals, Celebrates 120 Years

Artists Brenda Mau and Christian Griffiths painted two new murals at St Ignatius School, paying tribute to the history of the Turrbul and Yuggera peoples that occupied the land where the school stands, and honouring the legacy of the Jesuit Fathers and Mercy Sisters, as the school celebrates its 120th year.

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The first mural, designed by acclaimed Indigenous artist Brenda Mau, depicts the history of the Turrbul and Yuggera peoples in the Toowong area where the school now stands. 

Titled “Many Identities, One Community,” the mural follows the path of the Maiwar (Brisbane River) and uses elements and colours to represent the life of the land and waters over thousands of years.

Photo credit: St Ignatius Catholic Primary School Toowong/Facebook

At the unveiling, St Ignatius principal Duncan Maitland spoke of the school’s deep connection to the land and its First Nations history.

“For thousands of years, Toowong has been a gathering place for First Nations Peoples and is known as a place of wisdom where culture is shared,” said Mr Maitland.

“We are proud to say Toowong continues to be a place of community and of learning.”

Artist Brenda Mau, who is of Mandubarra, Kalkadoon, Wuthathi, Ngadjonjii and Torres Strait Islander descent, said she aimed to share her culture and art with the school community through thoughtful design details. 

To commemorate its 120th anniversary, St Ignatius School also unveiled a second mural, this one by artist Christian Griffiths.

Photo credit: St Ignatius Catholic Primary School Toowong/Facebook

The mural pays tribute to the legacy of the Jesuit Fathers and Mercy Sisters who contributed to the school over the years. 

A focal point of the artwork is Goldicott House. Goldicott, built in 1885 for Brisbane engineer Charles Lambert Depre. In 1903, Goldicott was renamed Mount St Mary’s Convent after Sisters of Mercy purchased the property and was used as a boarding house for students and the Mercy Sisters.

About St Ignatius School Toowong

St Ignatius School
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Over the years, the school now known as St Ignatius Parish School has undergone several name changes, but its dedication to growth and excellence has remained constant. 

Originally called St Michael and Holy Souls, then renamed Toowong Convent School, the institution’s rich history is one of continuous improvement as it educates new generations. The school is named after St Ignacius, the Founder of the religious order known as the Society of Jesus, more commonly called the Jesuits. 

During the laying of the foundation stone for the school on 2 November 2 1902, Archbishop Robert Dunne passionately encouraged the people to embrace the new school wholeheartedly. His wishes came to fruition when the school was blessed and opened in 1903, becoming a cherished part of the community.

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St Ignatius School
Photo credit: St Ignatius Catholic Primary School Toowong/Facebook

Now, nearly 120 years since its founding, St Ignatius Parish School continues to thrive as an exceptional learning community where students are nurtured to reach and surpass their potential.

Published 24-August-2023