Toowong Kerbside Collection 2018: Get Important Tips and Guide from the App

You may already have an idea of what to dispose and what to keep for theKerbside Collection Day 2018 in Toowong on the 21st of May, but there are still some things that you can do to make the collection day run as smooth as possible.

The Brisbane City Council has an app to provide you with information and tips on recycling and waste disposal. This app will also help you keep up-to-date with upcoming Kerbside Collection.

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The app includes a bin collection calendar that will allow you to input your address so you can get a customised one for you. You can also opt to activate the bin day remembers lest you forget.

To make recycling much easier, you can also browse through the alphabetical list of materials on the app. It also provides information on how to recycle or discard them.

The app also also includes information about the council’s waste facilities and optional notifications on free tipping days.

Here is a list of acceptable and unacceptable items that you can and can’t place by the kerb. Doing a second sweep at your items based on this before the collection day would be a wise move.

Keep in mind that there is a required pile size for items placed by the kerb. The size should not exceed two cubic meters.

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Download the app here:

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Microsoft App Store

You can also check out the kerbside collection calendar here:

January-June 2017 Schedule