Six Things to Remember to Make Sure You’re Ready for Auchenflower Kerbside Collection Day

Auchenflower’s kerbside collection will be on the 24th of April. Residents might have already started organising their items to keep and throw away. Although this can prove to be a daunting task, there are several ways to help you guarantee a smooth and stress-free collection process.


ONE: There’s a List of Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Items. Follow it.

Do not put out non-acceptable items because they will NOT be picked up. Photo credit: ABC


List of the acceptable and non-acceptable items

The Brisbane City Council will not collect unacceptable items. Illegal dumping fines will also apply if any unacceptable item/s is left by the kerb within seven days.


TWO: There’s a Pile Limit.

Follow the required space dimensions. Photo credit:
Follow the required space dimensions. Photo credit:

Before that pile mounts up, the Brisbane City Council will not collect piles that are larger than two cubic meters. Ease up on the items. It is best to know some proper methods to pile up items especially if there are plenty of stuff to get rid of and reaching within two cubic meters limit isn’t a possibility.


THREE: Keep it Tidy

There have been cases when some residents have gone a little bit overboard when throwing away their stuff for kerbside collection, that the streets looked as if a hurricane landed, and made an awful mess.

Organize your mess. Photo credit:
Organize your mess. Photo credit:

Ever heard of an “organised mess”? Keep everything tidy by ensuring that everything is piled up well. Place items in boxes and line them up along the street. Fold clothing neatly. For big items such as couches, refrigerators, or even cupboards, have them leaning against walls and not blocking the pathway.


FOUR: Remove Item Doors

Photo credit:

For refrigerators, cupboards or any other items that have doors, the BCC wants them removed before you put them by the kerb.


FIVE: Consider Resource Recovery Centres


Formerly known as transfer stations or tips, BCC’s resource recovery centres are four waste and recycling facilities with locations in Chandler, Ferny Grove, Willawong and Nudgee. They provide free recycling for vehicles under 4.5 tonnes RGVM. The upgraded centres recycle more items for free, aiming to resume waste landfill. Residents may use their waste vouchers, otherwise, fees apply.


SIX: Donate. Recycle. Donate. Recycle.

There are some items that may still be usable to other people. The council urges residents to donate these items instead. GIVIT, a national not-for-profit online network that helps residents donate. It has a list of items that are needed urgently buy someone in the community. The online network also helps residents connect with other trusted charities that could use donations.

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Inc. (NACRO) is the peak organization for charities and charity op ships that recycle furniture, household and workplace goods, and clothing all over Australia. The recycled goods are used to fund community welfare programs.

There are also council tip shops along Acacia Ridge and Geebung that you can donate used items to. They sell second-hand items donated by residents through the BCC’s transfer stations and resource recovery centres. Tip shops are operated by Endeavour Foundation and all the proceeds are used to support disabled people.

And there you have it. Take a deep breath and plunge right in. Start moving and start packing, remember to keep everything neatly organised when dumping items outside your home. Don’t forget that you can only bring everything out on the weekend before your schedule. Not a moment sooner or else you might get fined. See you at the kerb!

Photo credit: Gold Coast Bulletin