Discover the Authentic Taste of Tokyo at Genkotsu Ramen

To find an authentic Japanese dining experience in Toowong, you need not look any further than Genkotsu Ramen. This gem of a restaurant is located at the end of a shopping arcade in this western suburb spot.

Inspired by their childhoods in Tokyo, the partners Yasu Ikeda, Kaoru Hiranuma, and Yoshi Nagumo designed a cosy ambience reminiscent of 1960s Tokyo, departing from the modern Japanese style. The restaurant’s interior features red brick walls, hand-burnt timber panels, rustic communal tables and bar counters, and floor-to-ceiling frosted louvres with warm hanging lights.

Black Garlic Ramen | Photo credit:  Genkotsu Ramen / Instagram

Genkotsu Ramen does not just aim to create an ambience that transports diners to Japan; their chefs also employ time-honoured Japanese techniques to prepare every dish with great care. For instance, the tonkotsu broth is boiled for over 12 hours to ensure maximum taste, while the nitamago – flavored boiled eggs – are half-cooked and marinated overnight in Genkotsu’s original recipe sauce.

In addition, the chefs handle the bamboo shoots and black garlic with care to remove any excessive saltiness or bitterness. The noodles are also meticulously crafted and tasted multiple times in order to attain the perfect flavor and texture.

You can choose from a selection of classic ramen options such as shio (salt), shoyu (soy), miso, and gyokai (fish), or you can try their special chashu, black garlic, karaage, or tsukemen ramen. Additionally, there’s a premium option that comes with soft-shell crab or prawn.

Gyokai (Fish) Ramen | Photo credit:  Genkotsu Ramen / Instagram

Toppings such as Dried Seaweed, Takana Pickles, Bamboo Shoots, Pork Chashu, and Original Chilli Paste are available to enhance the flavours. In addition to the ramen, there are also side dishes like Chuka Wakame (seaweed salad), Spring Rolls, Gyoza, Prawn and Chicken Karaage, Takoyaki, and mini rice dishes like teriyaki chicken, Kara (hot) Miso and Mentaiko (cod roe), or Yuzu Tuna Rice.

Google Reviews:

“Popular ramen joint in the area serving up good stuff! The queue can get long but it shouldn’t take too long to wait in line. Place your order via the digital kiosk and wait for your turn to be called! Get the chicken karaage sides – btw!: – Jan Wong

“Ramen lovers must try, had their Black Garlic Ramen and Cold noodles and are both fantastic. Fantastic little gem in the alley of Toowong. You will need to purchase your order at the front first then find a spot inside, brings back memories of Japanese style dining in Japan.” – Reneinei L (Nei)

“My first ever ramen experience & it was great! Word in town is this place has the best ramen & for my first time, it was really tasty & flavoursome. I think the long line up outside the door everytime I pass it confirms this. Hidden at the end of a little arcade, it’s a gem if you find it!” –  Alofa

With its authentic Japanese cuisine, warm atmosphere, and attentive service, Genkotsu Ramen has quickly become a local favourite. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day except Monday, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and then again from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. If you haven’t visited them, head down to Toowong and discover the hidden gem that is Genkotsu Ramen.

Published 26-April-2023