Could Toowong Soon Witness the Rise of Higher Density and Taller Skyscrapers?

Toowong is poised for significant changes as the city prepares to address its growing population through higher density and taller towers.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner recently unveiled his plans which prioritise higher density and taller towers in well-connected suburbs like Toowong, as Brisbane aims to construct over 115,000 new homes, units, or apartments to accommodate its growing population. This visionary strategy aims to address the projected population increase from 1.26 million to 1.5 million by 2041.

Meanwhile, the community’s curiosity is piqued as the largest development project in Toowong, The Aviary, experiences a temporary halt, leaving residents questioning the reasons behind the delay and the lack of demolition work at a neighbouring riverfront unit site.

But despite some delays, Hutchinson Builders continue to actively promote units and conduct groundwork at the adjacent Monarch twin tower site, bringing a sense of progress to the area. 

Additionally, the developer behind the residential high-rise at Ebor St, near The Aviary, has submitted revised plans to the council. Recognising the demand in the tight rental market, the developer intends to introduce a build-to-rent scheme, which involves collectively renting all units instead of individual sales.

Amidst these developments, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner’s housing strategy emphasises higher density and taller towers in established suburbs with excellent public transportation connections. This approach, part of Brisbane’s efforts to accommodate the projected population increase, aims to repurpose underused commercial and industrial land, turning them into thriving residential areas. 

Cr Schrinner highlights the benefits of setting higher height limits in exchange for sustainable developments, minimising the impact on green spaces and creating vibrant communities.

Whilst the proposed changes bring excitement, they also spark debate among residents. Concerns have been raised regarding the lack of meaningful consultation and the potential disregard for community input. The state member for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon, challenges the assumption that increasing supply will lower demand and rents, highlighting the need to consider the impact on housing affordability.

As the community eagerly awaits updates on the progress of these developments, the future of Toowong and its neighbouring suburbs remains both promising and uncertain. The proposed high-rise projects, once resumed, have the potential to reshape the skyline and accommodate the city’s growing population, all whilst striving for sustainable and inclusive urban growth.

Published 7-June-2023