Toowong Tops BikeSpot’s Unsafe Cycling Spots

Did you know that Sylvan Rd in Toowong, with its lack of safe bicycle lanes, stands out in BikeSpot‘s list of unsafe cycling spots for Brisbane?

Toowong Tops BikeSpot's Unsafe Cycling Spots
Toowong tops BikeSpot’s Unsafe Cycling Spots
Photo Credit: BikeSpot

The intersections along the Western Freeway Bikeway in Toowong, including Dean St and Miskin St, have drawn significant concern for safety deficiencies according to BikeSpot’s data for unsafe spots for cycling.

Thousands of locals have spoken up through the app, flagging areas where cyclists face alarming risks.

For many, the data isn’t just a collection of opinions—it’s a call to action. Dan Kneipp, from the Amy Gillett Foundation, highlights flawed road design as a core issue impacting cyclists and drivers alike.

The urgency to address these risks couldn’t be clearer, app users say, especially with Brisbane set to host major events like the Olympics.

The BikeSpot app data presents the opportunity to urge local authorities to prioritise safer biking routes and ensure that roads cater to everyone’s safety.

Published 21-December-2023