Mystery Woman Sought After Coronation Drive Bus Stop Connection

In a move worthy of a rom-com flick, a Brisbane commuter is hoping to rekindle a whirlwind friendship after striking up a lively conversation with a mystery woman while waiting for a bus on Coronation Drive in Toowong last April.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has penned a handwritten letter addressed to “the commuter I met here on Friday night 19/04/2024” and affixed it to the back of the bus stop where their paths first crossed.

In the letter, he recounts details of their 15-minute encounter, which began when his bus was delayed. He claims the woman, described as being between 25–35 years old, showed him a transit app on her phone to check bus times more accurately.

“You showed me your phone with the TransLink app on it, to see the buses at this stop, because it had more detail than the board. Then my bus came,” the letter reads. “If you would like to talk again, please email me.”

The romantic commuter said he was struck by the woman’s “warm” and “enthusiastic” demeanour during their chance meeting.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Valeria Durán

“I don’t really experience that kind of feeling often, usually I recognise it afterwards,” he explained. “I would consider this a success if I just got back in touch with this person, that would be nice, maybe there’s some kind of friendship connection there.”

While acknowledging the public overture is uncharacteristic of his typically “reserved” personality, he says the experience has been positive overall despite some initial anxiety.

Locals and regular Coronation Drive commuters are encouraged to spread the word in hopes of helping reunite the budding bus stop friends. Anyone who may know the woman’s identity can pass on tips to the email

Published 10-May-2024

Monarch Residences in Toowong: Completion of Earthworks on Coronation Drive

Earthworks at Monarch Residences, a 1.2-hectare project along Coronation Drive in Toowong that has been called Brisbane’s best-performing project in the latest Urbis report, are now finished, pushing the project one step closer to completion.

With $300 million locked in sales, the project will ultimately comprise 224 apartments and penthouse residences spread across two imposing towers. The development includes a suite of facilities including a riverside pool, gym, sauna, and an expansive rooftop terrace.

Monarch Residences
Photo Credit: Monarch Residences

Recent developments have seen the successful completion of earthworks at Monarch Residences, reaching the basement level. This paved the way for both towers, named River 1 and River 2, to rise from the ground in the first half of 2024. The simultaneous construction of these towers is expected to culminate in the entire project’s completion by the end of 2025.

Photo Credit: Monarch Residences
Photo Credit: Monarch Residences

Don O’Rorke, Chairman, and CEO of Consolidated Properties Group, attributes the project’s swift progress to strong buyer demand for larger riverfront apartments and the unwavering capability of Hutchinson Builders. Past the holiday season and the New Year, sales have surged, particularly for River 2, where fewer than 10 residences remain available for purchase.

Scott Hutchinson, Chairman of Hutchinson Builders, reports that the construction site continues to be very active. This number is expected to double during peak construction phases. 

Published 3-Jan-2023

Toowong’s Coronation Drive Welcomes the Start of Construction of Monarch Residences

Works have officially started for Monarch Residences, located at the coveted 600 Coronation Drive, which is considered as the last remaining parcel of prime riverfront land in Toowong.

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Monarch Residences is the brainchild of renowned Brisbane developer Consolidated Properties Group which joined forces with Hutchinson Builders, one of the nation’s leading construction companies, to bring this architectural masterpiece to life.

The new residential project showcases the brilliance of leading experts in their fields, with John Wardle Architects and Cottee Parker teaming up to craft a unique concept. The extraordinary design of the building seamlessly combines the timeless allure of the quintessential Queenslander with the vibrant energy of a sub-tropical cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Monarch Residences

Prospective residents can expect an exceptional range of living options within the two 15-level towers aptly named River 1 and River 2. The development will feature 224 meticulously designed apartments, thoughtfully curated to cater to a diverse range of needs and desires. 

From cosy one-bedroom sanctuaries to opulent four-bedroom penthouses, each residence promises a haven of comfort and elegance.

The historic Middenbury House, nestled within the Monarch precinct, is undergoing a contemporary restoration. Once complete, this architectural gem will transform into a landmark riverfront restaurant and café, infusing the area with even more vibrancy and charm.

The new Toowong-to-West End Green Bridge, a Riverfront Park, a cycle path, and walkway access are all part of the Monarch precinct.

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The estimated completion date for Consolidated Property Group’s Monarch Residences project is in late 2026. With the clock ticking towards completion, the development is set to capture the imaginations of those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle experience.

Published 12-June-2023

New 10-Storey Development Coming to Coronation Drive in Toowong

A 10-storey rooftop development is coming to Coronation Drive in Toowong. The $110-million apartment tower near the Regatta ferry terminal will offer city views and 65 metres of direct river frontage.

Approved in early June 2022, development plans for “Arc” include 27 three-bedroom apartments and a penthouse with four beds plus a rooftop pool and barbecue area on a 1,500-sqm site at 570 Coronation Drive. 

Photo Credit: Arc Residences /

Designed by Bureau Proberts, the project will have all of its apartment units facing the riverfront which Bureau Proberts Design Director Terry McQuillan said is something that someone who has lived their whole life in Brisbane City could move into and be proud of.

“In response to the Triangular site, but it actually forms a sweeping Arc, we’ve taken that and shaped it and morphed it to resemble the river and context that it’s in.”

Photo Credit: Arc Residences /

“We wanted something that was water sculpted and ephemeral,” adds Spyre Group Design Manager Kent Pinel, “which as it sort of sits in its entirety means that there’s (sic) small crevices for landscaping and shading.”

The undulating design, he explains, adds beauty and control of privacy and the sunlight that comes into the entertainment spaces. These aspects of the design assure that no resident is preferred over the other and anyone who chooses to buy into the building will get the best possible outcome.  

Photo Credit: Arc Residences /

Arc is now selling and for Spyre Group, it is an opportune time to launch the project considering the rising demand for luxury apartments in Brisbane particularly for downsizers who are looking into newly built high-rise dwellings.

Spyre Group is an Australian residential property development company with more than $750 million worth of projects including several upcoming and underway developments such as the Moray House in New Farm, Cala Dei in Coolangatta and Natura in Burleigh Heads.

Recently, the group successfully sold the penthouse inside its Glasshouse apartment project on Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads for an off-the-plan record of $20 million. 

Construction of the  Arc project is slated to commence in early 2023.

Bicentennial Bikeway May Be Realigned If Toowong Tower Approved

Did you know that the Bicentennial Bikeway, considered the busiest bike-riding and pedestrian pathway in Brisbane, may need to be realigned if a proposed 10-storey tower next to the former ABC Toowong site gets approved?

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Based on documents submitted to Brisbane City Council, a development application has been submitted, seeking to build a multiple-dwelling consisting of 29 units at 570 and 576 Coronation Drive, Toowong .

proposed development
Artist’s impression of proposed development (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Designed by Bureau Proberts, the apartments are designed for a subtropical living environment and are planned for optimum cross-ventilation, excellent natural daylight levels, and generous outdoor living spaces.

The proposal includes rooftop communal and private open space areas, as well as large balconies for each unit.

Coronation Drive site
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The subject site currently has a three-storey dwelling that will have to be demolished once the proposal is given the green light.

Access and Traffic

A traffic report provided in the proposal states that there would be an auxiliary left lane to turn into the site, clear of the left-hand through lane on congested Coronation Drive.

The 17-m lane would allow residents of the proposed tower to slow down without disrupting traffic, and also stop for pedestrians or cyclists. To further protect cyclists and pedestrians, a speed hump will also be provided to slow cars exiting the tower.

Bicentennial Bikeway (Photo credit:

In order to facilitate the development, the Bicentennial Bikeway may need to be extended and undergo some realignment.

The Bicentennial Bikeway is a 4.8-km off-road pathway from Toowong to Brisbane city, providing access to South Bank, Kangaroo Point, and New Farm through connecting bridges and pathways. 

More than 1.9 million people used the pathway in 2020—as recorded by an electronic counter near the Go Between Bridge.

Besides these proposed changes to the bikeway, new access would also be created to avoid collisions with cars. 

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Site from the river
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The project is code-assessable so residents will be notified and can have their say about the application. Further details about the proposed development can be viewed at DA-A005905033.

New Development Plans for Former ABC Site on Coronation Drive in Toowong

Revised plans for the former ABC site on Coronation Drive in Toowong now involve three residential towers, reuse of a heritage-listed house as a public site, and provisions to make way for the Green Bridge landing site.

DA A005881543, filed in mid-November 2021, comprises three residential towers with a maximum of 15 storeys each, with a combined total of 134 multiple dwellings. 

Three residential towers Coronation Drive in Toowong view from the river
Photo Credit: Artist’s Rendering/Developmenti/BCC

The new towers on Coronation Drive in Toowong will have communal rooftops that offer amenities like a riverside pool and spa, a dry and wet lounge, and a BBQ with outdoor dining areas. The buildings will also have shared workspaces, a gym, and their own mailrooms. 

Consolidated Properties bought the Coronation Drive site and hired John Wardle Architects for this new proposal.

The proposal essentially replaces the previous application of a 25-storey building from Sunland, dubbed the Champagne Flute, which would have been the first Brisbane project of internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid.  

Aerial view
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Since a section of the development will become part of the planned Toowong to West End Green Bridge, the proposal has provisions for adjustments for the bridge’s landing site.

The plan also includes the refurbishment and re-use of the heritage-listed Middenbury House as a public site and mixed-use space with access to the Brisbane River. Consolidated Properties also want to line Coronation Drive with Fig Trees to improve the area.

Lower Plaza Coronation Drive in Toowong
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Upper Plaza Coronation Drive in Toowong
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Per the developers, some of the landscaped apartments fronting a new public site will have a 40-metre open accessible open space near the Brisbane River. On the other hand, an extension of the Bicentennial Bikeway will also be in place to connect to Archer Street. 

“The proposed development has been architecturally designed to merge seamlessly within the surrounding built form, through the use of a variation of materials and breaks in the façade. The site primarily faces Coronation Drive, which features street tree plantings along its entire frontage as well as two large heritage-listed fig trees near the western boundary.”

“The state heritage listed Middenbury House can be seen from the Archer Street frontage. This development will enhance the view of Middenbury House by incorporating open space between the building and the street frontage. Deep planting along Archer Street will improve the streetscape by softening the view between Middenbury House and the existing streetscape.”

This development does not require public notification and is currently undergoing assessment by Council. 

Heritage-Listed Middenbury House in Toowong May Be Up for Mixed Development

Once the exclusive site for many social gatherings in Brisbane — including a party for Edward, the Prince of Wales, in the 1920s — the heritage-listed Middenbury House may be set for a revival as a public venue for recreation or dining, or even with residential towers on the property. 

Consolidated Properties Group (CPG), which bought 600 Coronation Drive several years ago, has now filed DA A005881543, seeking to develop Middenbury House and its grounds.

The heritage-listed house will be reused and re-established, alongside plans to build three 15-storey residential towers on the property.  Though the decision on its final use has not been finalised, ideas like a cafe or bar, as well as a wellness center, have been floated during the discussions about the redevelopment.

James McGinley, the CPG Head of Residential, said that they got ideas from the local community who was receptive to their plans to turn the derelict site for public use.

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Apart from the residential towers and the old house’s revival, plans for this Coronation Drive site will also include bikeways and a large parkland, which will be managed by Brisbane City Council. There will also be an area prepared for the landing site of the upcoming Toowong-West End green bridge.

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

Access to the house and the beautiful riverbank frontage as a social venue was withdrawn in the late 1950s when the Commonwealth of Australia bought the property for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Middenbury House then became part of the studio operations, while additional buildings were erected around it. 

For the most part, however, the over-150-year-old house’s structure and architectural features remained intact. Its refurbishment, on the other hand, will have minimal alterations since it is a heritage-listed property. 

“The proposed development has been architecturally designed to merge seamlessly within the surrounding built form, through the use of a variation of materials and breaks in the façade,” the developers stated in the application. “The site primarily faces Coronation Drive, which features street tree plantings along its entire frontage as well as two large heritage-listed fig trees near the western boundary.

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

“The state heritage listed Middenbury House can be seen from the Archer Street frontage. This development will enhance the view of Middenbury House by incorporating open space between the building and the street frontage. Deep planting along Archer Street will improve the streetscape by softening the view between Middenbury House and the existing streetscape.”

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

DA A005881543 was filed in November 2021 and is still under assessment as of press time.

Toowong, St Lucia to West End Green Bridges Confirmed After Overwhelming Support

After a four-month consultation period and more than 4,000 responses from the locals, the locations of the third and fourth green bridges to link West End to Toowong and St Lucia have been confirmed.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said that the bridge from Toowong to West End will have its landing sites at the former ABC property on Coronation Drive and Forbes Street in West End. About 83 percent of the residents agreed to this proposal, whilst 64 percent supported the plan to have a green bridge at Guyatt Park in St Lucia to connect to West End’s Orleigh Park. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Mr Schrinner said that the new owners of the former ABC site, Consolidation Property Group, have been aware of the proposal, which will become part of its upcoming development plans.

Council will soon be working on a detailed business case that will carefully map out the estimates and benefits of the Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End green bridges, including the funding and time frame for construction.

“We will now proceed to develop business cases for each of these bridges and commence detailed design work. The rise of e-mobility is illustrating just how important major infrastructure like this is to connect communities and reduce our reliance on motor vehicles,” Councillor Ryan Murphy said.  

Meanwhile, Council said that the Toowong to West End green bridge will be able to cater to 3,400 trips a day in 10 years. Per the residents’ response, the Toowong site is third on the priority list after the construction of the green bridges in Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek. These bridges are earmarked for construction by late 2021 and should be completed in 2023.

Only the fifth bridge’s location has yet to be determined. 

Toowong ABC Site: New Developer Plans a Waterfront Residential Precinct

The former ABC site in Toowong has been sold to another developer which has plans to build a waterfront residential precinct sometime in mid-2022, pending the submission of a development application.

Consolidated Property Group bought the prime riverside property from Sunland for $43.5 million after months of negotiations. Sunland, which purchased the ABC site in 2013 for $20 million, also proposed a residential development, which was rejected at the Supreme Court in 2018. 

James MacGinley of Consolidated Property Group said that they are hoping to have two or three residential buildings with 200 to 250 dwellings on the 1.5-hectare lot. The development will also include a waterfront open space and wider cycle paths to link to St Lucia’s Bicentennial Bikeway.  

However, the design still hinges on Council’s upcoming Green Bridge development, which is still in the public consultation process. Mr MacGinley said that they will “welcome the bridge on our site” and look forward to transforming the precinct into a luxury riverfront community.

Don O’Rorke, the chief executive of Consolidated Property Group, said that they have a more “conventional vision” for the former ABC site and will follow a code-assessed application. Potentially, the heritage-listed Middenbury House could be transformed for public use as well, either as a spa or restaurant. 

Maiwar Greens MP Michael Berkman has staunchly called on the Council and the State Government to buy back the ABC site to develop as a public community space. He said that this new deal between Sunland and Consolidated Property Group was a missed opportunity “to return this site to public hands.” 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“I do think it’s positive that the green bridge could still land here, as my understanding from hundreds of conversations with west side locals is there’s overwhelming community support for this,” Mr Berkman said in a statement. “I’m concerned the developer hasn’t specified how much of the land will be public space, and how accessible it’ll be, or what form that might take.”

“Under our incredibly broken planning laws, the community has no genuine consultation or appeal rights on this development because it’ll be Code Assessable. This is exactly why we need to overhaul the Planning Act and make all major developments impact assessable.”

“The developer has indicated they’ll seek community input on planning the site, so my focus now is ensuring residents’ voices are heard. Stay tuned for next steps.”

Twin Towers up to 31 Storeys Proposed for Coronation Drive

A development application seeking to establish a mixed-use twin tower development at 57 Coronation Drive in Brisbane City has been lodged.

The site for the proposed development measures approximately 3,287sqm and is located at 57 Coronation Drive within the Quay Street Precinct bound by the railway line to the north, William Jolly Bridge to the east, Brisbane River to the south, and to the west by Merivale Rail Bridge.

Twin Towers on Coronation Drive
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Urbis – Near Map /

The proposal will involve the demolition of the existing building located on Coronation Drive and the restoration of the heritage-listed Davidson’s Residence, located at 64-66 Quay Street, and its adaptive reuse as a reception for the serviced apartments within the development. 

The application seeks approval to establish two towers of 30 and 35 storeys high that  will offer short term accommodation and multiple dwelling. A mix of uses such as commercial office, short term accommodation, multiple dwelling, food and drink outlet and shop is also included under the proposal. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Rothelowman /

“The proposed development represents a highly considered contextual response to the site and its characteristics as well as surrounding development, including challenging topography, interface with major rail infrastructure, frontage to an arterial road, a dilapidated local heritage building, and irregular shaped allotment,” the Urbis Town Planning report said.

Twin Towers on Coronation Drive
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Rothelowman /

“The site benefits from an unrivalled location, within walking distance to South Brisbane and West End, the Caxton Street entertainment precinct including Suncorp Stadium and The Barracks, and the emerging opportunities of City West including future Cross River Rail and Brisbane Live. The collaboratively designed proposal capitalises on the opportunity to deliver a landmark design which will shape the western approach to the Brisbane CBD.”

Twin Towers on Coronation Drive
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Rothelowman /

The development covers a total of 42,785sqm gross floor area with 922sqm dedicated to retail and 2,147sqm allocated for office floor space. Tower 1 will be 30 storeys high and will contain 168 serviced apartments: 63 one-bedroom and 42 two-bedroom suites.

Twin Towers on Coronation Drive
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Rothelowman /

Tower 2 will be 32-storeys high and will contain 255 residential apartments: 56 one-bedroom, 140 two-bedroom, and three four-bedroom units.

Twin Towers on Coronation Drive
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council – Rothelowman /

A total of 371 car parking spaces will be provided across four basement levels, ground, and mezzanine: 69-serviced apartments, 265-residential, 22-visitor, 3-retail, and 12-commercial.