Continental Butcher and Delicatessen Shuts Down Amid Rising Costs

After two and a half years of offering Toowong residents a taste of Europe through high-end meats and gourmet deli delights, Continental Butcher and Delicatessen shuts down. Rising living costs have taken their toll.

Owned by Flemming Jakobsen, who brings a wealth of international butchery experience, and his wife Lina Kasjan, this unique establishment prided itself on crafting old-fashioned charcuterie, using natural spices and grass-fed beef for that distinctive taste.

Photo Credit: Continental Butcher and Delicatessen

Lina shared their regretful decision, “We’re very sad to be leaving. The last six months have been quiet due to the cost of living; nobody has money to spend on this kind of food.”

The local community had warmly embraced this gourmet gem. Regulars came from as far as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, and the shop was next to a renowned restaurant and French p√Ętisserie, adding to the vibrant culinary scene.

Customers took to social media to express their support and sadness. One remarked, “I’ll miss the best leverpostej (Danish liver pate) outside of Denmark.” Another shared, “Thank you so much for providing us with such delicious and delightful Danish food; I wish you great health and abundance going forward.”

As for what’s next, Lina and Flemming are exploring the idea of having a food truck, eager to continue sharing their culinary creations with the community.

Published 25-September-2023