85 Miskin St Reinvents Fine Dining

Fine dining without much fuss? It’s possible. Visit 85 Miskin St, a restaurant in Toowong serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant, now a longstanding institution in its neighbourhood, has reimagined the fine dining experience by offering great food in an unpretentious setting. 

Established in a quaint old Queenslander in 2005, 85 Miskin St features a low-key and minimalist decor. The casual atmosphere is best for an intimate meal or an informal catch-up with friends. Menu is split between French and Asian influences, so it will suit almost any palate. There are around 150 wines to choose from, ranging from champagne and sparkling wine to Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Photo Credit: 85 Miskin St/Facebook

In charge of running the restaurant is Chef Brent Farrell, who showcases his signature dishes and techniques through a degustation menu, an array of small dishes served one after the other. 

Chef Farrell, who now has a growing number of followers, loves using local and seasonal ingredients. He worked in Walnut Restaurant inside the Royal on the Park Hotel before opening his own venture in Toowong. From “Brent’s, The Dining Experience,” he changed it to the site’s current name and refurbished the two storey suburban building to give it a new look.

Photo Credit: 85 Miskin St/Facebook

Favourites from the current menu include the citrus-cured salmon, marinated sicilian olives, and deer milk and vanilla panna cotta. Their slow cooked rib fillet with caramelized onion puree, charred zucchini and chimichurri is best paired with a glass of sparkling wine.

Photo Credit: 85 Miskin St/Facebook

85 Miskin St is open daily, except on Mondays. They also serve breakfast on weekends. They are open for lunch and dinner on 3 January 2020, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 4th. 

They will be closed for annual holidays from January 5 – 17. They will reopen for normal trade on the 18th with revived dishes from the 70’s. Further information or updates can be found on 85 Miskin St’s website.