Mystery Woman Sought After Coronation Drive Bus Stop Connection

In a move worthy of a rom-com flick, a Brisbane commuter is hoping to rekindle a whirlwind friendship after striking up a lively conversation with a mystery woman while waiting for a bus on Coronation Drive in Toowong last April.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has penned a handwritten letter addressed to “the commuter I met here on Friday night 19/04/2024” and affixed it to the back of the bus stop where their paths first crossed.

In the letter, he recounts details of their 15-minute encounter, which began when his bus was delayed. He claims the woman, described as being between 25–35 years old, showed him a transit app on her phone to check bus times more accurately.

“You showed me your phone with the TransLink app on it, to see the buses at this stop, because it had more detail than the board. Then my bus came,” the letter reads. “If you would like to talk again, please email me.”

The romantic commuter said he was struck by the woman’s “warm” and “enthusiastic” demeanour during their chance meeting.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Valeria Durán

“I don’t really experience that kind of feeling often, usually I recognise it afterwards,” he explained. “I would consider this a success if I just got back in touch with this person, that would be nice, maybe there’s some kind of friendship connection there.”

While acknowledging the public overture is uncharacteristic of his typically “reserved” personality, he says the experience has been positive overall despite some initial anxiety.

Locals and regular Coronation Drive commuters are encouraged to spread the word in hopes of helping reunite the budding bus stop friends. Anyone who may know the woman’s identity can pass on tips to the email

Published 10-May-2024