Films Made by Brisbane Boys’ College Students Selected as AIFF Semi-finalists

Congratulations to the young film makers of Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) as six films created by these students have been selected as semi-finalists in the Australia Independent Film Festival 2023.

The following films by BBC students which were made with the support of the BBC Film & Television program and the BBC Film Crew made it as Semi-Finalists in the Australia Independent Film Festival.  

• Rags to Riches by Charlie Flaherty (Year 11)
• Final Justice by Alexander Baird (Year 11)
• Silly Milly by Alex York -Tall (Year 11)
• Home Sweet Home by Jonathan LeGrand (Year 11)
• Tempt by Wade Stokes (Year 11)
• The Last Survivor by the BBC Film Crew

Since its inception in 2017, the Australia Independent Film Festival has steadily grown in prominence, positioning itself as Australia’s premier short film and screenplay festival. Dubbed “the filmmaker’s festival,” AIFF has been making waves in the domestic and international festival circuit.

This year, the AIFF festival offers a diverse range of award categories, recognizing excellence in various aspects of filmmaking. These include Award Categories – Main: Best International Short Film, Best Australian Short Film, Best Queensland Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Experimental (including music), Best Student Film, the People’s Choice Award, and Best Short Screenplay.

The Award Categories for the SEQ High School Competition include Best Short Film, Best Film Poster, Best Screenplay, Best Short Film -RUNNER-UP, and People’s Choice. These entries, however, do not qualify for consideration or inclusion in the main award categories and or screening sessions. There will be an exclusive awards ceremony to be held immediately following the SEQ screening session.

Finalists, selected from the semi-finalist pool, receive recognition in the form of a finalist laurel, an official selection laurel, and a digital certificate.

Winners in each category will earn a special winner’s laurel, an original print-quality digital certificate, and a high-quality award. Additional prizes will be announced once they are confirmed.

The Independent Film Festival 2023 will take place this October at Metro Arts West Village, Brisbane City.

Published 11-October-2023