Fat & Overly Long Noodles Are Taking Over The Toowong Scene

If you’re looking for the biggest and fattest noodles here in the west, there’s no better place to go but Biang Biang Fresh Noodle in Toowong.

Situated at the corner of High Street and Sherwood Road, you will see a lit yellow sign. It’s a small takeaway place with a few tables and chairs and bar seating for those who want to dine in.

Their simple menu offers fresh, handmade and traditional Northern Chinese noodles. The kitchen is headed by Chef Kieran Zou of Sichuan Bang Bang in Paddington and Kenmore.

For first-timers, it would be splendid to try their Sichuan pork. Those who have a liking for spicy goodness must not miss their Sizzling Chilli Oil. There are also noodles with curry flavours.

“Biang Biang,” also known as you po che mian in Chinese is a type of noodle famous in the cuisine of Shaanxi Province in China. It is acclaimed as one of the “eight strange wonders of Shaanxi.” They are described like a belt due to their thickness and length.

Originally, it was a poor man’s meal in the countryside but it became popular in restaurants because of their unique character. Usually, they are topped with plenty of red hot pepper.

Address: G6 23 High Street