After Community Backlash, Council Abandons Land Street Tunnel Duplication Project in Auchenflower

Brisbane City Council has decided to ditch the Land Street underpass duplication project in Auchenflower after receiving negative feedback from the community.

Active Transport Committee Chairman Adrian Schrinner said that they came to the decision after public consultation and after receiving tender responses.

Unnecessary Waste

Cycling groups were not supportive of the project which was supposed to be part of the $100-million Better Bikeways for Brisbane plan by the City Council. Cycling advocacy group Space4cyclingBNE questioned the need for the project.

Draft plan for the tunnel duplication (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)


Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The group insisted that there was no need for the project, considering that they have not received any reports of issues concerning the existing tunnel. Space4cyclingBNE also said that people who take tunnel route have not experienced actual conflicts or have reported any risky behaviour.

There was one incident where a pedestrian was hit by a bicycle, but the advocacy group stressed that even the victim does not see a need for a duplicate tunnel.

The project was primarily intended to improve safety and capacity for cyclists and pedestrians using the Land Street tunnel. It was also planned to anticipate an increasing number of cyclists and pedestrians.

Because of the decision to not proceed with the project, Cr Schrinner assured that any unused funds will be allocated to other Better Bikeways for Brisbane projects by the council.