Empowering Abilities: Anthony Flourishes in Project SEARCH, Spreading Joy in the Day Treatment Unit

Anthony, a 23-year-old with vision impairment, has found new hope and confidence through his internship with Project SEARCH at the Wesley Hospital’s Day Treatment Unit in Auchenflower.

The program aims to provide workplace skills and secure pathways into stable and rewarding employment for young adults with disabilities. Anthony’s journey to find suitable employment had its challenges due to his disability. 

Previous opportunities seemed to fall through, leaving him feeling disheartened. However, when he learned about Project SEARCH, he saw it as a chance to gain the skills and self-assurance he needed to enter the workforce.

The internship began with classroom learning, where Anthony studied workplace health and safety policies, hospital procedures, and risk identification. He was then assigned to the Day Treatment Unit, a role he thoroughly enjoyed. 

As a patient companion, he assisted with cleaning equipment and preparing chairs for the next patients. But what brought him the most joy was interacting with the patients, making him feel like a natural people person.

Annelise Oosthuizen, the Manager of the Day Treatment Unit, praised Anthony’s exceptional contributions to the team. He quickly learned the ropes and consistently exuded happiness and helpfulness. Anthony’s impact on the patients was immeasurable, brightening their days and providing a friendly ear to listen to their stories.

Reflecting on his experience, Anthony expressed his love for customer service roles and his passion for helping others and interacting with the public. Apart from his dedication to work, he is also an accomplished musician and singer, being a member of the Voices of Birralee Choir. Additionally, he is trained to read Braille and enjoys personal training.

As his internship at the Day Treatment Unit comes to a close, Anthony remains optimistic about his future in the workforce. He believes that Project SEARCH has been a wonderful opportunity and enthusiastically encourages others to consider joining the program.

Project SEARCH continues to provide invaluable opportunities for young adults with disabilities, empowering them with essential skills and experiences to thrive in the professional world. To learn more about Project SEARCH and its impact on young lives, please visit their website

The Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower Launches New Initiative for Lonely and Vulnerable Patients

A hospital stay can be a lonely and stressful time, so The Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower has launched Compassionate Care, a new initiative supporting vulnerable patients.

Compassionate Care is an extension of the End of Life Compassionate Care service developed by  Wesley Hospital Chaplain Leanne Duncan and its focus is on providing non-clinical support to patients who may need social engagement while they are getting other treatments.

“While routines in hospital are focused on providing the high-quality clinical care this environment can at times be disruptive and stressful, especially when a patient does not have a support network close to them,” Leanne said. 

“We know that social engagement has many benefits for patients and is demonstrated to support recovery and reduce the length of stay in hospital. 

“We identify our vulnerable patients as those who may be in hospital for a long period of time, those who come from regional/remote areas, those with no family or friends close by and those with mobility or cognitive impairments.” 

Trained volunteers are an integral part of this new initiative. They visit the patients at the hospital ward to share a meal, talk over a cup of coffee, do jigsaw puzzles or board games, or have a walk in the gardens, as approved by the patient’s care manager.

VIP Service Volunteer Pauline said she jumped at the opportunity to make such a meaningful impact on the patients.

“This feeds my heart, I really enjoy spending time with these people, they get the opportunity to take their minds off their hospital stay and talk about something different,” Pauline said. 

“Some of the patients live regionally or remotely and have limited support networks here in Brisbane, having a friendly face to chat with makes a huge impact. I love seeing them at the end of my visit far more animated than when I first walked in, I feel like I made a difference.”  

Compassionate Care
Photo Credit: Supplied

Compassionate Care was trialed at Nurse Unit Manager Kerrie Blocksidge’s ward which is comprised mostly of older patients. 

“We absolutely love the VIP service here and it has made such a positive impact not only with our patients but our nursing staff as well,” Kerrie said. 

“You can’t measure happiness but we certainly notice a change in our patients after they have had a visit from a volunteer, I believe it’s a wonderful initiative and we would welcome more volunteers to our ward any day.” 

The Wesley Hospital is still in need of volunteers to become a Compassionate Companion, who will work alongside clinical staff in four-hour shifts at various wards across the hospital.

If interested, contact Leanne at twh.compassionatecompanion@uchealth.com.au or visit the official site

Published 14 March 2023

How to Achieve Perfect Legs with The Leg Vein Doctor in Auchenflower

Visible veins on the legs might just be a cosmetic problem for some but for The Leg Vein Doctor, this isn’t something to ignore. Achieving perfect legs is not for appearance only as problems like varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous diseases might not be skin deep. Left untreated, these visible veins can swell and be sore. The condition will not easily go away unless you see a specialist.

The Leg Vein Doctor, located at 465 Milton Road in Auchenflower, is proud to be Brisbane’s only dedicated Phlebotomy practice. Established by Dr Nicholas Kemp in 2012, this specialised clinic has all the answers to help you have healthy, attractive legs. 

Make an appointment for initial consultation and tests. Discuss your treatment plan.

Before you start treatments at The Leg Vein Doctor (or any place, for that matter), you’ll need to go through a series of examinations and blood tests. This is how Dr Kemp can determine if your procedure would be medical or cosmetic and he’ll draw your treatment plan based on the test results. 

Don’t be Afraid of Technology.

While varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous issues won’t go away on their own, invasive surgery isn’t always the answer. Dr Kemp applies the latest techniques and tools to treat venous diseases without surgery. His clinic specialises in Microsclerotherapy, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Therapy. 

Photo Credit: brisbaneveins/Instagram

These options are of great advantage to patients since there is no downtime, unlike a surgical treatment which results in longer recovery time. Patients can still go on with their daily activities whilst experiencing minimal pain in between treatment sessions.  

Examine your habits and your lifestyle.

Venous diseases have many underlying causes. Sitting on your work desk all day is a no-no. If you want healthy legs, make sure you stretch periodically to keep your circulation going. 

Obesity could also be aggravating any existing condition that you may already have. Beyond appearance, you might start feeling some pain and pressure on your legs. Regular exercise will keep your heart healthy, which is great for your circulation and ultimately, for your legs.

Early intervention is vital to successful treatments. For consultations and enquiries, phone The Leg Vein Doctor at 07 3720 9912.

After Community Backlash, Council Abandons Land Street Tunnel Duplication Project in Auchenflower

Brisbane City Council has decided to ditch the Land Street underpass duplication project in Auchenflower after receiving negative feedback from the community.

Active Transport Committee Chairman Adrian Schrinner said that they came to the decision after public consultation and after receiving tender responses.

Unnecessary Waste

Cycling groups were not supportive of the project which was supposed to be part of the $100-million Better Bikeways for Brisbane plan by the City Council. Cycling advocacy group Space4cyclingBNE questioned the need for the project.

Draft plan for the tunnel duplication (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)


Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The group insisted that there was no need for the project, considering that they have not received any reports of issues concerning the existing tunnel. Space4cyclingBNE also said that people who take tunnel route have not experienced actual conflicts or have reported any risky behaviour.

There was one incident where a pedestrian was hit by a bicycle, but the advocacy group stressed that even the victim does not see a need for a duplicate tunnel.

The project was primarily intended to improve safety and capacity for cyclists and pedestrians using the Land Street tunnel. It was also planned to anticipate an increasing number of cyclists and pedestrians.

Because of the decision to not proceed with the project, Cr Schrinner assured that any unused funds will be allocated to other Better Bikeways for Brisbane projects by the council.

Toowong & Auchenflower’s Streets Of Remembrance

As part of Brisbane City Council’s Streets of Remembrance project, additional street sign upgrades have been seen in neighbourhoods across the city since 2015. This project does not only aim to honour those who have been part of the armed forces but also to raise community awareness and pride.

In the suburbs of Toowong and Auchenflower, there are several streets that have been upgraded as part of the council’s project.

Birdwood Terrace (Toowong & Auchenflower)

Both present in Toowong and Auchenflower, the street is a tribute to Lieutenant General Sir William Birdwood. He was a senior officer in Britain’s pre-1914 Indian Army and was later on appointed to the command of the Australian and New Zealand forces.

Haig Road (Auchenflower)

Field Marshall Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, KT, GCB, OM, GCVO, KCIE, ADC commanded the 1st Army Corps of the British Expeditionary Force. He is also known for his take on machine guns and tanks as he thought they were overrated. He was the mastermind behind the campaign at Passchendaele in 1917 and the successful Allied advances on the Western Front in 1918.

Hobbs Street (Auchenflower)

Originally an architect in Perth, Lieutenant General Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs KCB, KCMG, VD, joined the volunteer artillery in 1893. From then on, he rose through the ranks. He was knighted in 1918 and 1919 and he was also awarded the Serbian Order of the White Eagle in 1917.

The Streets of Remembrance is an ongoing project and the council aims to identify more streets.

Learn To Play Croquet At Mcllwraith Croquet Club In Auchenflower

Croquet is a great old-fashioned lawn game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here on the western side of Brisbane, the Mcllwraith Croquet Club in Auchenflower is the place to go.

Established in 1923, the club was only for women until 1946 when men were finally allowed to join. The land where it sits was entrusted to the Town of Toowong by Lady Mcllwraith, the wife of the former Premier of Queensland, Sir Thomas Mcllwraith.

The club underwent renovations after the 2011 floods, thus giving members and croquet players better facilities.

The venue is popular for functions such as birthdays, baby showers, and many more. It can accommodate up to 80 people. There is also a place upstairs for morning and afternoon tea.

The club doesn’t have a liquor license, but guests are allowed to BYOB.

Annual memberships cost $430 inclusive of green fees and it comes with flat soled shoes and a hat. Loan pellets are available whilst commercial ones can be purchased.

For newbies, you can avail of the “come and try” sessions where club members will guide you and explain the rules of the sport.

Address: 4 Mcilwraith Street

Chew, Chomp And Chill In Auchenflower: Keep Your Dogs’ Tail Wagging By Giving Them What They Deserve

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” and the same applies to your furry pets. All dogs are different — they have their own needs and wants.

Chew, Chomp and Chill isn’t your ordinary pet store in Auchenflower. The shop is dedicated to give dogs exactly what they need to enrich their lives by promoting mindful feeding from the head and heart.

Food For The Soul

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp and Chill / Facebook

Owner Kay Coonan is dedicated to providing pets with high-quality and mindfully sourced food that will give them ample nutrition. Ms Coonan believes that it is very important to feed them natural food to keep their diet well-balanced and to ensure that they get the nutrients they need and zero harmful additives.

They have premium brands of food such as Organic Paws, Woah Nelly, and Raw 4 Paws. There are also many treats available.

Table Manners

She doesn’t just provide you with the best pet food, but she also helps your dog acquire great “table manners.”

She believes that it’s not just about what you feed your dog but how you feed them as well. Normally, pet owners let their pets eat in a bowl, but apparently, this takes away their natural feeding behaviour. Thus, it leads to boredom leading to behaviours like barking, escaping, chewing, and digging.

To solve this problem, the store offers food dispensing toys that will help prolong the meal times of your pets. This will keep them occupied and improve their health and mental dexterity.

Enrichment Toys

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp & Chill / Facebook

They also have a wide selection of enrichment toys. Ms Coonan will help you find the best toy for your pet by considering the size of your pet, their interests as well as their experience in using such toys.

Therapeutic Beds

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp and Chill / Facebook

You also might want to check their therapeutic beds for sale from Henry Hottie. You can even try one out for your pet at the store. This type of bed offers a therapeutic benefit specifically to the joints and provides warmth and cooling depending on the weather.

Get Educated

The store also offers dog training classes by All Pets Education and Training. Once a month, they also hold seminars by Pawsitive Connection. It covers different topics that will help you in taking care of your pets.

Ms Coonan established the store with dogs in mind and to keep them happy and healthy inside out.

Address: 54 Birdwood Terrace

Queensland State Government Backs Up Brisbane City Council’s Pre-1911 Homes Protection in Auchenflower & Nearby Suburbs

Following the Brisbane City Council’s action on preventing the demolition of 30 pre-1911 homes in various suburbs, including three homes in Auchenflower, the State Government followed through by supporting the council’s move.

Twenty-eight homes were submitted to the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) list in August that puts the properties under protection until they are added to the City Plan through a major amendment.

As early as last year, a report appearing in other media has indicated that the past decade has seen the demolition of about 900 character homes and heritage areas in Brisbane and its suburbs, largely due to the development boom in key areas.


The Rathdonell St Home Demolition

In Auchenflower, the recent demolition of a pre-1946 home has outraged neighbours. The home was located on Rathdonnell St, and its demolition has created tension between Environment Minister Steven Miles and BCC’s City Planning Chairman, Julian Simmonds.

Mr Miles expressed his anger towards the demolition by saying that the council should do their job to protect heritage homes. Mr Simmons, quick to fire back said that the State Government should then change their state planning laws if Mr Miles believed they are not doing their job to protect heritage homes.

He also said that the house isn’t a representative example of a pre-1946 architecture and wasn’t consistent with the surrounding homes. The site where the house used to sit made way for a new development of a three-storey home.

The owners of the house, John and Susan Gallagher weren’t able to prevent the demolition but they couldn’t afford to continue with their appeal. Still, they expressed their sadness over the growing number of heritage homes, not only in Auchenflower, but in the rest of Brisbane that are being demolished.

Mr Simmonds said that this is the first time that pre-1911 homes that are not already protected in character overlay were now being protected individually. He also said that the new Planning Act that replaced the Sustainable Planning Act will prevent a 2016 situation, which saw three Highgate Hill homes demolished because the council wasn’t able to secure immediate protection.