Police Investigating Gruesome Anzac Park Animal Slaughter

The discovery of more than 20 mutilated and decapitated animals, including a koala and a Border Collie, in Anzac Park has caused much distress among Toowong residents. A police investigation is underway.

The RSPCA and the Queensland Police Service are already investigating and scouring a number of CCTV footage around Anzac Park after Council workers found dumped plastic bags two 44-litre drums on the scene. The bags and drums contained the remains of the animals, which were discovered on the evening of Thursday, 28 July 2022.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and a scientific unit have also been called to investigate, where an established zone was determined for testing. However, the tests have not returned any significant readings. 

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner condemned the sick act and said he’s “saddened, disturbed and appalled” by the discovery. The Council workers who stumbled upon the remains have been offered counselling. Anyone with information or leads may also contact QPS or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. 

“Hurting defenceless animals usually escalates to hurting humans. Please, if anyone knows who is responsible for this, please contact the police,” a local said.

Most visitors to Anzac Park, however, were mostly unaware of the discovery as activities around the area have remained normal by the weekend. Anzac Park has dense bushland in the northern boundary with heaps of beautiful Queenslander homes in its surrounding. 

Anzac Park
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The maximum penalty for an individual convicted of cruelty to animals is $275,700 or 3 years imprisonment under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001. However, the offender may also serve seven years in prison under the Criminal Code Act 1899 for severe animal cruelty.