Toowong Hosts ANZAC Week Events

In remembrance of Australians and New Zealanders who served and died fighting for their countries, the Brisbane City Council (BCC) will hold a week-long series of events to commemorate the fallen, from 21 to 29 April. These events at the Toowong Cemetery is part of the BCC’s City of Lights program and is done in partnership with the Backbone Youth Arts Inc.

During the week, there will be a round of theatrical tours. A concert, aptly called “In Remembrance”, will be held to show honour to the fallen on the 23rd of April with performances by solo artists, choirs and the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra.

Wrapping up the week-long commemoration on the 29th of April will be a screening of the Australian classic film Gallipoli, a cinematic journey about two soldiers who were exposed to the realities of war in Turkey, during World War I.

The ANZAC Week events are all free of charge. Everyone is welcome.

Event details

Photo credit: Commander Keane / Wikimedia Commons