Toowong Has One of the Highest Numbers of Complaints About Unmanaged Vehicles

Did you know that Toowong ranks among the suburbs with the most complaints about unmanaged vehicles, specifically abandoned, unsightly, hazardous, or unregistered vehicles, alongside Coorparoo, Moorooka, New Farm and Rocklea?

For a 14-month period from January 2022, Brisbane City Council has received over 9,100 complaints and removed 280 of these vehicles, including trailers, utility vehicles, vans, caravans/campervans, and trucks.

According to a council spokeswoman, parking registered trailers, caravans and even boats on the road is permissible as long as the owners abide by road rules, parking signs and any other rules applicable to the location. However, road parking for unregistered vehicles is unlawful.  

The Heavy and Long Vehicle Local Law 1999 specifies that vehicles over 7.5 metres long should not be parked within 100 meters of any residential area, or for more than one hour, unless parked according to a permissive parking sign. However, some exceptions may apply to broken-down vehicles and those used for delivering goods, undertaking construction or maintenance, or carrying out emergency work.  

Council has tasked personnel to remove abandoned, unsightly, or unregistered vehicles as soon as possible, especially if these may impact public safety. Council will also attempt to identify the owner of these unmanaged vehicles and work with them to achieve voluntary compliance. 

Locals have told the “Afternoons” show that this parking issue is widespread across South East Queensland. Some expressed leasing out their garages for someone to use as a bedroom and park their cars on the street. 

Other locals mentioned that they could not park by their front gates because they do not own that area, whilst some complained that Council painted yellow lines in front of their houses, preventing them from parking in front of their homes. 

Another resident shared that people park in their driveway as if it’s public property, and they had to tow these cars away.

Published 29-April-2023