Stuartholme School in Toowong Included in Tuition Fee Increase Next Year Following the Gonski 2.0 Model

Photo credit: Brisbane Kids

Queensland Catholic Schools will be facing an increase in tuition fees of almost 10% due to the new funding changes by the Federal Government to schools. One of the affected schools is Stuartholme School in Toowong.

However, it is not only this particular Catholic school in Toowong that will be affected. There are approximately 30 Catholic Schools that will be hit by this development because they are considered as “over-funded” under the Government’s new Gonski 2.0 model.

With this model, an extra $24 billion will flow into schools all over Australia over the next ten years, affecting Catholic schools. They were given a 12-month reprieve along with other independent schools before the removal of system-based funding arrangements. Under the new model, Catholic schools funded above the Schooling Resource Standard will have reduction of funding for the next six years.

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Parents find this difficult. They are already dreading the upcoming tuition fee increase. Other schools affected here in Brisbane are Marist College in Ashgrove and St Rita’s College in Clayfield.