Strange, Delicious Food In Toowong

Emu. Rabbit. Goat. Snails. A small restaurant in Toowong is making waves on the food scene because of its eclectic menu. Satisfied customers say the food is superb, and so is the service. Featuring French and Korean cuisine, the food at Two Small Rooms on Milton Road has been called “exceptional” in independent customer reviews.

The restaurant, which opened in the 1980s, has gone through several ownership and menu changes over the years yet manages to keep its elite status. Diners have a choice between the ala carte menu and the set dinner options, which includes an entrée, main dish and dessert, served with wine.

The restaurant has been given an 8.7 Dimmi rating by over 144 diners, a far cry from the 6.8 rating it had before the current owners took over.

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Worth looking into if you’re looking for a fine dining place for a romantic date or just to try something new.