Queensland State Government Backs Up Brisbane City Council’s Pre-1911 Homes Protection in Auchenflower & Nearby Suburbs

Photo credit: University of Queensland

Following the Brisbane City Council’s action on preventing the demolition of 30 pre-1911 homes in various suburbs, including three homes in Auchenflower, the State Government followed through by supporting the council’s move.

Twenty-eight homes were submitted to the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) list in August that puts the properties under protection until they are added to the City Plan through a major amendment.

As early as last year, a report appearing in other media has indicated that the past decade has seen the demolition of about 900 character homes and heritage areas in Brisbane and its suburbs, largely due to the development boom in key areas.

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The Rathdonell St Home Demolition

In Auchenflower, the recent demolition of a pre-1946 home has outraged neighbours. The home was located on Rathdonnell St, and its demolition has created tension between Environment Minister Steven Miles and BCC’s City Planning Chairman, Julian Simmonds.

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Mr Miles expressed his anger towards the demolition by saying that the council should do their job to protect heritage homes. Mr Simmons, quick to fire back said that the State Government should then change their state planning laws if Mr Miles believed they are not doing their job to protect heritage homes.

He also said that the house isn’t a representative example of a pre-1946 architecture and wasn’t consistent with the surrounding homes. The site where the house used to sit made way for a new development of a three-storey home.

The owners of the house, John and Susan Gallagher weren’t able to prevent the demolition but they couldn’t afford to continue with their appeal. Still, they expressed their sadness over the growing number of heritage homes, not only in Auchenflower, but in the rest of Brisbane that are being demolished.

Mr Simmonds said that this is the first time that pre-1911 homes that are not already protected in character overlay were now being protected individually. He also said that the new Planning Act that replaced the Sustainable Planning Act will prevent a 2016 situation, which saw three Highgate Hill homes demolished because the council wasn’t able to secure immediate protection.