How to Achieve Perfect Legs with The Leg Vein Doctor in Auchenflower

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Visible veins on the legs might just be a cosmetic problem for some but for The Leg Vein Doctor, this isn’t something to ignore. Achieving perfect legs is not for appearance only as problems like varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous diseases might not be skin deep. Left untreated, these visible veins can swell and be sore. The condition will not easily go away unless you see a specialist.

The Leg Vein Doctor, located at 465 Milton Road in Auchenflower, is proud to be Brisbane’s only dedicated Phlebotomy practice. Established by Dr Nicholas Kemp in 2012, this specialised clinic has all the answers to help you have healthy, attractive legs. 

Make an appointment for initial consultation and tests. Discuss your treatment plan.

Before you start treatments at The Leg Vein Doctor (or any place, for that matter), you’ll need to go through a series of examinations and blood tests. This is how Dr Kemp can determine if your procedure would be medical or cosmetic and he’ll draw your treatment plan based on the test results. 

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Don’t be Afraid of Technology.

While varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous issues won’t go away on their own, invasive surgery isn’t always the answer. Dr Kemp applies the latest techniques and tools to treat venous diseases without surgery. His clinic specialises in Microsclerotherapy, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Therapy. 

Photo Credit: brisbaneveins/Instagram

These options are of great advantage to patients since there is no downtime, unlike a surgical treatment which results in longer recovery time. Patients can still go on with their daily activities whilst experiencing minimal pain in between treatment sessions.  

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Examine your habits and your lifestyle.

Venous diseases have many underlying causes. Sitting on your work desk all day is a no-no. If you want healthy legs, make sure you stretch periodically to keep your circulation going. 

Obesity could also be aggravating any existing condition that you may already have. Beyond appearance, you might start feeling some pain and pressure on your legs. Regular exercise will keep your heart healthy, which is great for your circulation and ultimately, for your legs.

Early intervention is vital to successful treatments. For consultations and enquiries, phone The Leg Vein Doctor at 07 3720 9912.