Empowering Abilities: Anthony Flourishes in Project SEARCH, Spreading Joy in the Day Treatment Unit

Project SEARCH
Photo Credit: Supplied

Anthony, a 23-year-old with vision impairment, has found new hope and confidence through his internship with Project SEARCH at the Wesley Hospital’s Day Treatment Unit in Auchenflower.

The program aims to provide workplace skills and secure pathways into stable and rewarding employment for young adults with disabilities. Anthony’s journey to find suitable employment had its challenges due to his disability. 

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Previous opportunities seemed to fall through, leaving him feeling disheartened. However, when he learned about Project SEARCH, he saw it as a chance to gain the skills and self-assurance he needed to enter the workforce.

The internship began with classroom learning, where Anthony studied workplace health and safety policies, hospital procedures, and risk identification. He was then assigned to the Day Treatment Unit, a role he thoroughly enjoyed. 

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As a patient companion, he assisted with cleaning equipment and preparing chairs for the next patients. But what brought him the most joy was interacting with the patients, making him feel like a natural people person.

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Annelise Oosthuizen, the Manager of the Day Treatment Unit, praised Anthony’s exceptional contributions to the team. He quickly learned the ropes and consistently exuded happiness and helpfulness. Anthony’s impact on the patients was immeasurable, brightening their days and providing a friendly ear to listen to their stories.

Reflecting on his experience, Anthony expressed his love for customer service roles and his passion for helping others and interacting with the public. Apart from his dedication to work, he is also an accomplished musician and singer, being a member of the Voices of Birralee Choir. Additionally, he is trained to read Braille and enjoys personal training.

As his internship at the Day Treatment Unit comes to a close, Anthony remains optimistic about his future in the workforce. He believes that Project SEARCH has been a wonderful opportunity and enthusiastically encourages others to consider joining the program.

Project SEARCH continues to provide invaluable opportunities for young adults with disabilities, empowering them with essential skills and experiences to thrive in the professional world. To learn more about Project SEARCH and its impact on young lives, please visit their website