Cyclist Almost Hit on Sylvan Road in Toowong: Are BCC’s Bike Lane Upgrades Enough?

Protected bike lanes such as this one are needed along Sylvan Rd. Photo credit: Space for Cycling Brisbane

Sylvan Road in Toowong has long been the subject of controversies, particularly for cyclists. The road was under a 12-month trial of peak period bike lanes until the Brisbane City Council made it permanent in September.

The initiative allows the bike lane to be free of vehicles for three hours until 9:00 a.m. and three hours until 7:00 p.m. five times a week. However, during its trial period, business owners have already complained about the lack of parking that has affected several businesses on the road. Cyclists are also not keen on the idea as they think that this is not a solution for their safety on the road.

Space for Cycling Brisbane spokesman Chris Cox was quick to address the issue and has asked the local community for more patience.

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Recently, a cyclist called for a separate bike lane on the road after getting nearly hit by a car. The cyclist was able to capture the accident on camera and the video was shown to the police and Mr Cox. Mr Cox again stressed the importance of a separated corridor that links the Western Freeway and Bicentennial Bikeways.

As of now, they are urging the council to drop the speed limit on the road to 40kph and Land Street to Patrick Lane.

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Public and Active Transport Chairman Adrian Schrinner, on the other hand, said that they have gotten majority votes on the peak-hour lanes that they have implemented. He said that they have also seen a 20% increase in cyclists using the road on a daily basis. In light of this, the trial is considered successful in balancing the needs of the cyclists along with the local community, which is why they are do not see the necessity for a separated bike lane.

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However, he said that the council will upgrade the bike lanes with clearer markings and install new signages such as flashing warning signs.