Chew, Chomp And Chill In Auchenflower: Keep Your Dogs’ Tail Wagging By Giving Them What They Deserve

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp & Chill / Facebook

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” and the same applies to your furry pets. All dogs are different — they have their own needs and wants.

Chew, Chomp and Chill isn’t your ordinary pet store in Auchenflower. The shop is dedicated to give dogs exactly what they need to enrich their lives by promoting mindful feeding from the head and heart.

Food For The Soul

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp and Chill / Facebook

Owner Kay Coonan is dedicated to providing pets with high-quality and mindfully sourced food that will give them ample nutrition. Ms Coonan believes that it is very important to feed them natural food to keep their diet well-balanced and to ensure that they get the nutrients they need and zero harmful additives.

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They have premium brands of food such as Organic Paws, Woah Nelly, and Raw 4 Paws. There are also many treats available.

Table Manners

She doesn’t just provide you with the best pet food, but she also helps your dog acquire great “table manners.”

She believes that it’s not just about what you feed your dog but how you feed them as well. Normally, pet owners let their pets eat in a bowl, but apparently, this takes away their natural feeding behaviour. Thus, it leads to boredom leading to behaviours like barking, escaping, chewing, and digging.

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To solve this problem, the store offers food dispensing toys that will help prolong the meal times of your pets. This will keep them occupied and improve their health and mental dexterity.

Enrichment Toys

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp & Chill / Facebook

They also have a wide selection of enrichment toys. Ms Coonan will help you find the best toy for your pet by considering the size of your pet, their interests as well as their experience in using such toys.

Therapeutic Beds

Photo credit: Chew, Chomp and Chill / Facebook

You also might want to check their therapeutic beds for sale from Henry Hottie. You can even try one out for your pet at the store. This type of bed offers a therapeutic benefit specifically to the joints and provides warmth and cooling depending on the weather.

Get Educated

The store also offers dog training classes by All Pets Education and Training. Once a month, they also hold seminars by Pawsitive Connection. It covers different topics that will help you in taking care of your pets.

Ms Coonan established the store with dogs in mind and to keep them happy and healthy inside out.

Address: 54 Birdwood Terrace