Champions In The Making: Toowong Harriers’ Inspiring Little Athletics 2022/23 Season

Toowong Harriers
Photo credit: Toowong Harriers/Facebook

The Little Athletics 2022/23 season proved to be an extraordinary one for the Toowong Harriers, as they celebrated a remarkable number of outstanding athletes. 

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The club’s Outstanding Athlete award recognises those who achieve exceptional performances across all available events within their respective age groups. Amongst the standout performers were Tara Ryan, representing the under 9 category for girls, and Anton Mugaba, competing in the under 9 boys’ division. 

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The recipients of the Most Improved Athlete award for the 2022/23 season in the club are Emma Sheehan in the Under 14 category and Cooper Leske and Lachlan Gordon in the Under 11 category. 

These talented athletes have shown remarkable progress by achieving multiple personal bests throughout the season. Additionally, Sheehan and Leske have also been honoured with the Commitment Award, recognising their dedication and hard work.

About the Toowong Harriers

Photo credit: Toowong Harriers/Facebook

The Toowong Harriers Athletics Club holds the prestigious distinction of being Queensland’s first athletics club, established back in 1894. 

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It stands as one of the oldest athletics clubs in Australia, with an illustrious history of producing exceptional athletes who have proudly represented both the state and the nation at various levels of competition.

The 2022/23 Season marks a significant milestone for Toowong Harriers as it celebrates its 40th year of competing as a Little Athletics Centre. 

Photo credit: Darshan Pandya/Google Maps

Little Athletics is a sport specifically tailored for children between the ages of five and seventeen. It encourages participation in various disciplines, including running, jumping, and throwing, with each centre meet offering a well-rounded mix of events. 

This approach prioritises full engagement, enabling young athletes to develop essential skills such as balance, stamina, strength, coordination, and self-control.

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Little Athletics serves as a fantastic platform for children to cultivate their overall fitness in a safe and healthy sport. It encompasses training sessions, warm-ups, coaching clinics, and, importantly, abundant encouragement and guidance from dedicated and nurturing parents.

Published 3-May-2023