BBC Rowing Team Aims for Another Historic Henley Royal Regatta Win

BBC Rowing Team: Chasing Henley Regatta Success

The Brisbane Boys’ College rowing team is on the cusp of making history once again as they set their sights on repeating a 30-year-old victory at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in England. 

Established in 1916, the BBC Rowing Club has a long-standing tradition of excellence in rowing, with its first Head of the River win in 1919. In 1993, BBC achieved an unprecedented feat by becoming the first Australian school to secure the coveted Princess Elizabeth Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta. Today, the team aims to etch their names in the annals of rowing history once more as they prepare for the 2023 event.

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The 2023 Henley Royal Regatta will be raced over six days from 27 June to 2 July 2023.

The remarkable journey of the BBC rowing team is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and teamwork. Merely five years ago, the team found themselves struggling but under the guidance of Director of Rowing, Zoltan Shepherd, the team underwent a significant cultural shift that paved the way for their resurgence. 

 As the team sets their sights on Henley, they have demonstrated its dedication by intensifying its training regimen. The chosen crew, comprising eight Year 12 boys, has been training rigorously, including nine weekly sessions, five of which take place on the river. 

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Although BBC stands as the strongest representative, the crew will have to wait for the final confirmation in June. Plans are already in motion, with boat rentals arranged from Oxford University and training facilities secured at a rowing club in Maidenhead. 

However, the journey to Henley does not come without its challenges. The financial burden of participating in such a prestigious event necessitates significant fundraising efforts. The BBC rowing team, with the support of parents, staff, and Old Collegians, organised a fundraising carwash to alleviate some of the costs.  

Furthermore, the school, families, and alumni have contributed, but additional sponsors are still needed to ensure a smooth and successful campaign.

Those who wish to donate and support the BBC Rowing 2023 Season Fundraising, may visit the Australian Sports Foundation website here.

Published 30-May-2023